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Japan, 2016 – Here’s the long awaited news for fans in Japan! T-ARA will be participating in ‘T-ARA PREMIUM LIVE’ on 11th September 2016, which will consist of 2 parts; ‘TALK LIVE’ and ‘PREMIUM LIVE’.

Event: “T-ARA PREMIUM LIVE in Japan”
Date: September 11, 2016 (Sunday)
1st Part – Doors will open at 14:45 / Event to start at 15:30 
2nd Part – Doors will open at 18:15 / Event to start at 19:00
Cast: T-ARA (official site: https://www.mbk-ent-official.com/T-ARA/)
Venue: Tokyo Dome City Hall
Fee: ¥ 8,500 (tax not included) ※ beverage ¥ 500 (tax included)
※ Age limit: Anyone of age 4 and above will have to purchase a ticket to enter the venue 
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Alexander shares the secret to his radiant skin at Algovital Angel’s exclusive event


Singapore, 2016 – Alexander met up with the media for an exclusive event on August 26 held at Revolte x SheShops, to share more about his aunt’s skincare product, Algovital Angels. Alexander gave tips to how he maintain good skin, what he’s been up to after leaving U-KISS and also spent some quality time with his lucky fans.

Alexander hyped up the event by waving and smiling to everyone who was present at the exclusive event. He started the event by sharing 3 rules that everyone has to abide by, “First, don’t be shy! Second, think about what you want to ask me and ask me during the Q&A later. And lastly, no Pokemon Go!” causing roaring laughter to his fans.

Xander who is still in college, piques the interest of his fans by asking them to look forward to him MC-ing in the near future. He shared, “Nothing is confirmed as of now, but do keep a lookout! I’ll definitely update you guys very soon.”.


He then shared his basic skincare routine using Algovital Angels. His three steps include the Clear Toning Lotion, Pure Essence, and Moisturizing Cream. He shares that after adopting this three steps into his skincare routine, the results were very obvious. He said, “No harsh ingredients were used, unlike some products that dry out your skin because of all the harsh chemicals used.”.

Alexander who is multi-talented has recently acted in Moorim School, alongside actor Lee Hyun Woo and VIXX’s Lee Hong Bin. When asked what his favorite scene was, he laughed and said, “I really like one of the last scenes during the exams. It took two full days to film it that was why it was pretty memorable.” He also shared that everyone was very nice to him and he made a lot of good friends. “After leaving U-KISS I felt a bit lonely but when I started filming Moorim School it felt like going back to school so it was very fun.”


After the Q&A session with the fans ended, 5 lucky VIP winners gets to play a really fun game with Xander! What game? When meeting your idol you definitely could not miss the chance of playing the Pocky game! The Pocky game is a game where one person has to eat the Pocky at each end and the partner with the shortest pocky left wins. All the fans tried their best and in the end the shortest Pocky was as short as 5.1 cm! The winner with the shortest Pocky left gets to have a personal gift from Xander – a school ID photo he had never released anywhere before!

The event then ended off with a hi-5 and photograph session. The lucky fans even get to have a personal selfie with Xander himself, much to their delight.

Do check out Algovital Angels skincare products located across Revolte x SheShops outlets in Singapore

Article by: Ayuni

For more photos from the event: https://www.facebook.com/StarArenaHD/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1714122172189857

We would like to thank Revolte for the invitation to this exclusive event.

Would Kang Ha Neul go back to the past or sneak a peek to his future?

Kang Ha Neul-1

The main character of the hit new drama Scarlet Heart, Kang Ha Neul, met with the media for an exclusive press conference on August 26 to promote the telecast of his new drama on ONE.

Scarlet Heart is a star-studded drama, played by many rising actors as well as idols. Kang Ha Neul portrays the role of one of the many princes from the Goryeo dynasty who has a complicated love line with the female protagonist played by Lee Ji Eun (IU).

As this was his second time in Singapore, he shared how impressive he thinks the country is. He recounted, “Singapore is such a clean and organized country. Everything is always green.”. Being his humble self, he also exclaimed that he did not expect that many fans to turn up during both of his visits so he was pleasantly surprised at the number of fans that showed up.

Scarlet Heart was adapted from the popular original Chinese series and was tweaked to fit the context of Korean Goryeo dynasty instead of the Chinese Qing dynasty. It was an immensely popular drama and hence there were a lot of hype when it was released that there would be a Korean remake of it. When asked if he felt any pressure filming the drama, he shared that “I was aware of the popularity so I felt a lot of pressure. However, I decide to just go and enjoy myself as that would bring out the best results in me.” This shows how much of a natural and dedicated actor he is.

Kang Ha Neul-2

The drama was also directed by Kim Gyu Tae who was really popular with his drama, “That Winter, the Wind Blows”. Kang Ha Neul exclaimed his excitement with working with Director Kim Gyu Tae and shared that “the way the drama is shot is very beautiful”, piquing the interest of the audience that was present.

In the drama, the female protagist (played by IU) was catapulted back in time from the modern era. Hence, Ha Neul was asked if he would prefer to go back in time or take a sneak peek to the future. He laughed and said, “I would prefer to travel back in time instead of seeing the future.”. He shared that we can still do something about the future now but not the past.

Kang Ha Neul is such a lovely and charming person as he was full of smiles and laughs throughout the press conference. He ended the press conference by thanking everyone who came and made time to see him and asked for everyone’s support in his new drama, Scarlet Heart.

Scarlet Heart premieres first and exclusively on ONE (Singtel TV Ch 513 & 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 & 823) with a 2-episode back-to-back special on Monday 29 August 2016 at the same time as Korea at 9pm.  Subsequent episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm. For more information of the series, visit www.ONEtvasia.com/ScarletHeart.

Article by: Ayuni
Photos by: Huiying

We would like to thank ONE for the invitation to this press conference.