Ohm and Nanon got up-close & cozy with fans at Joyden Hall on 11 Feb 2023! 

Gathering fans from South East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Japan, Australia,  and even USA, tickets to the 6pm session was wiped out on the day.

During the fan meet, fans got to catch up and learn more about the pair though Q&A session and games like “Guess the Mystery Drink”, “Strong but Gentle”,”Fortune Ping Pong”, & more. Ohm & Nanon’s playful antics are definitely a charm to the crowd as they filled the hall with squeals through the show. 

The duo also shared their love for Singapore and how this wasn’t their first visit to Singapore with this being Ohm’s 3rd time & Nanon’s 2nd visit. 

Here are some Q&A highlights: 

When meeting someone you like what do you usually say?

Ohm: “I like you~”

As he feels that feelings shouldnt be kept hidden. 

What do you like about yourself the most. 

Ohm: All of me, every part, everything. 

In the next 10 years, what will you be doing?

Ohm: GT car Racing (As he has phobia of bikes)

What did you eat last night?

Nanon: Chilli crab, satay, laksa, curry chicken, & kaya toast

Who do you think is the most handsome person in GMMTV?

Nanon: Of course me!

*Ohm agrees*

What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years from now

Nanon: Director. Maybe for a MV or short film. Genre could be coming of age, or romantic comedy, or psychological.

What do you like about yourself the most?

Nanon: My mental health.

What was the last movie you finished watching

Nanon: Megan

Which animal represents you the most?

Nanon: I am a dragon. 

When the host prompted for a dragon pose, he changed his choice to a black panther.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, the host also asked the 2 of them how they would express love without saying “I Love You”

Ohm: I’m happy w you, it’s just you and me

Nanon: You will always be my love

Leaving messages for each other: 

O: I love you!

N: Be healthy, smile a lot, dont fall sick, I love you. 

Performances were also well spaced out during the session with both of them performing to tracks like Unlovable, Just Friends, Same page & Our Song. Towards the end of the show, it was also announced that roses were prepared for the fans as Valentine’s Day was a few days away. 

Thank you Ariadne Company for the kind invitation, dont forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more exciting events!

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Cartier presents the CLASH DE CARTIER STUDIO in Singapore

LT_L9020-2SINGAPORE, 15 November 2019 – Luxury French jewellery brand, Cartier, celebrated their first and largest ever pop-up activation in Southeast Asia, CLASH DE CARTIER STUDIO, with a star-studded party last night. The exclusive party was graced by South Korean Actor, Ji Chang-Wook, Malaysian actress, Nur Fazura and Singaporean actresses, Rui En, Rebecca Lim and Sheila Sim. Prominent local personalities, who personify the energy and attitude of the Clash de Cartier collection, were also in attendance. These personalities include Arissa Cheo, Charlie Lim, Iman Fandi, Irfan Fandi, Jasmine Sokko and Yoyo Cao.

For the first time in Southeast Asia, Cartier will be presenting the exclusive CLASH DE CARTIER STUDIO in Singapore. Following the successful global launch of the Clash de Cartier collection in Paris earlier this year, the Maison has recreated an experiential pop-up to allow for guests to explore the collection in an unconventional and immersive space.

CLASH DE CARTIER STUDIO is open to public from 15 to 17 November 2019 at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery (41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236). Pre-registration of an hourly session is available at clashdecartier.sg/register.


Ji Chang-Wook

Jewellery Credits: Santos de Cartier watch large model automatic yellow gold interchangeable metal and leather bracelets, Clash de Cartier ring medium model pink gold, Clash de Cartier bracelet medium model pink gold

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Pentagon shines like “Prism” during final leg of World Tour in Singapore

P-6Singapore, 2019 – Pentagon wrapped up their 2019 World Tour <Prism> in Singapore on 2nd November. The group shared that they wanted to show Universe-s their charms and colours through the show and they definitely did with their wide range of song genres. The set up and lightings in the venue definitely played a part enhance the experience on site.

The show started off with dance tracks like Sha-la-la, Gorilla, Like This, Runaway before moving on to playful tracks like Just Do it Yo!, Humph. The group also prepared 2 special cover performances of Havana by Camilla Cabello and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.


Hong Seok, who studied in Singapore for a couple of years, demonstrated his ability to converse English (& Singlish), During the talking segments, the group tried to communicate in English most of the time, generously flavouring their speech with Singlish, dropping a couple of lah-s along the way. Hong Seok even prepared a sentence during his introduction, reading off a slip of paper from his pocket: “Waseh so many chiobu-s in the audience today!” bringing much cheers and laughters in the crowd. Further into the show, Hong Seok also spilled that he was a playful kid who did silly things then and he even showed a short example on stage. Kino and Jinho also shared how Hong Seok got them falling for Bandung(Rose Syrup with condensed milk) after he introduced the drink to them.


After a change of outfit, the group continued the show with more dance tracks such as Critical Beauty, Skateboard, and Can You Feel It before slowing it down with When It Rains At Night and Beautiful. They then brought out unit performances, rap line with Lost Paradise and vocal line with Till…
Bringing the mood back up, the group performed to Fantasystic, Pretty Pretty, and Spring Snow. Pentagon continued the show with dance tracks Naughty Boy and classic Shine before ending the night with Thumbs Up! and Spectacular.

Throughout the night, Pentagon showcased not only a wide range of performances but also how down to earth they are with their personalities. We hope Hong Seok keeps to his “Confirm plus chop!” on coming back to Singapore and will look forward to their next performance here.

A big shoutout to CK Star Entertainment for extending their invite to us.

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Cha Eun-Woo’s Just One 10 Minute Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Kuala Lumpur


File187-2Kuala Lumpur, 2019 – Cha Eun Woo, idol singer and actor, completed the last stop of his fan meeting, <Just One 10 Minute>, in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on 26th October 2019 at Menera PRGM. The title <Just One 10 Minute> was originally used on live stream application Vlive as a platform to communicate and interact with his fans, Cha Eun Woo stated that he had never imagined that it would become the title for his fan meet.

ASTRO member, singer and actor charmed his fans during the 2 hour session, performing to multiple songs including his solo for Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung’s soundtrack Remember Me, Rainbow Falling from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and cover songs including Love Yourself, You & Me as well as highlight cover for the night, Sampai Ke Hari Tua by Aizat Amdan.


The fan meet also included lucky draw segments where Cha Eun Woo gave away items to fans. These items included an autographed polaroid, a cap that he wore during one of the segments as well as 3 fans that he made personally. He shared that summer in Korea was particularly warm this year and he relied heavily on fans when he was on filming sets and thus he thought of preparing fans for the fans.

As an ending ment, he also revealed that there will be good news AROHA-s to be busy with be it as Cha Eun-Woo or ASTRO as a group soon. So with that, we hope to see both Cha Eun Woo as well as his team ASTRO again in the near future!

We would also like to extend our thanks to Macpie Pro for extending the invite to us.

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MAMAMOO says Hello! MooMoo at their Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore


Singapore, 2019 – “I say, MAMA MAMAMOO~” This familiar greeting has finally been heard in Singapore! Charismatic quartet, MAMAMOO has made their way to the sunny island to meet the Singapore MooMoos (fan club name for MAMAMOO). Singapore is one of the stops for the [HELLO! MOOMOO] Asia Fan Meeting and fans are definitely in treat for the exclusive opportunity to witness the charms of MAMAMOO on the evening of 27 April at Zepp@Big Box. Continue reading

[Photos] Samsung Power with the Stars: BTOB Yook Sung Jae

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Samsung Galaxy Fan Party

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[Photos] Get It Beauty On The Road – Sandara Park

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