Seo Kang Jun shares what it’s like acting as Baek In Ho and the challenges he faced while shooting Cheese in the Trap

IMG_0777Singapore, 2016 – The main character of popular webtoon drama, Cheese in the Trap, Seo Kang Jun, met with the media for an exclusive press conference on February 19 held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, to promote the telecast of the hit drama on StarHub TV.

Seo Kang Jun portrayed the role of Baek In Ho, a wild and free-spirited teenager that speaks his mind and lives his life fearlessly. He is also in a one-sided love with Hong Seol (played by Kim Go Eun). When asked if he faced difficulties playing the character, he shared that it was difficult at first since their personalities are very conflicting. He added, “before we started shooting, I was a bit apprehensive because I am an introverted person while In Ho’s character is very wild. But after a while, I started feeling more comfortable with the character.”


Perhaps maybe too comfortable! As he confessed that he has a few times sub-consciously become Baek In Ho even when they are not filming. Especially when he start to notice that he have been swearing in front of his 5urprise members, quite like how he usually do in the drama.

Since Cheese in the Trap is a drama that was adapted from a very popular webtoon, it is no surprise that he gained immense popularity when it was announced that he was cast for the drama. Seo Kang Jun confessed that he felt pressurized to do a good job, but after studying the role, he felt more confident and at ease. He decided to take it as a challenge to show how much he has grown as an actor. He also shared that he was actually attracted to the character, saying “Baek In Ho is a very charming and caring person, but not in an obvious way. He is actually very genuine.”

Despite the 10-year age gap with fellow co-star, Park Hae Jin, Seo Kang Jun also shared that he did not feel awkward at all. They displayed great chemistry with each other. He added, “We have become great friends and it was very enjoyable working alongside him.” This friendship that they have developed with one another is also the reason why it was difficult for him to film certain scenes. In one of the later episodes (which have yet to be aired), he had a fighting scene with Park Hae Jin, and he recalled it to being one of the hardest scenes he had to film.

When asked if he would like to try other characters from the drama, he shared that he would love to try to act as Eun Taek (played by Nam Joo Hyuk). He explained, “Eun Taek is a very cute and sincere character. His love for Bora is very pure. If I were a girl, I would like to have someone like him beside me”.

Aside from being involved in dramas and promoting in an all-actor idol group 5urprise, Seo Kang Jun is also involved in lots of variety shows. Being in the variety show Roommate has enabled him to portray his character, not as an idol nor an actor, but as the person Seo Kang Jun. Seeing how the audience loves his appearances in variety shows, it is no surprise that he was picked to appear on Laws of the Jungle. Although he shared that there are no plans as of yet for any other variety show appearance, he would love to have more chances in the future.


Seo Kang Jun then ended off the press conference by adding that he would love to try as many different roles as he can in his acting career and will continue to strive in improving himself. He is also excited to meet all his fans at the public Meet and Greet located at Suntec City later that day, showing his love for his fans.

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Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) 娱 家戏剧台(星和视界第855频道)every Sunday at 10 pm. Be sure to catch it then!

Article by: Ayuni
Photos by: Yushan

We would like to thank Starhub for the invitation to this press conference.



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