[Coverage] Park Hae Jin shares a unique hobby!

Park Hae Jin-21

Singapore, 2016 – On April 17, South Korean A-list actor, Park Hae Jin, met up with the media and fans at a public media conference held at West Coast Plaza Atrium. Park was in Singapore to attend ‘Star Awards 2016’ later in the evening.

This marks the first visit to Singapore for the 33-year old actor. The huge turnout of fans at the airport and the open event reflected his immense popularity in Singapore. The public press conference gathered enthusiastic crowds up, from the atrium level up till the third floor of the mall. Overwhelmed by the crowd, Park exclaimed that he is very thankful for the warm welcome from Singapore fans.

Park brought laughters to the crowd with his awkward yet cute pronunciation of the Singlish words – shiok, chiobu that he was taught prior.

Park has been in the acting industry for more than 10 years but shot to fame after starring in the hit tvN drama based on popular webtoon series, ‘Cheese in the Trap‘. He plays the role of Yoo Jung, a college student who portrays the nice and perfect image on the outside but has a dark side in him that appears occasionally. Though the drama has ended its run on broadcast, there have been many rumors with regard to whether Park will be taking part in the movie remake of the drama. Park commented, “Everything is not confirmed yet. If the original writer of the webtoon is participating in it, I would be happy to act in it”.

Park Hae Jin-28With over 10 years of experience, Park has taken up a variety of roles. When quizzed on what other roles he would like to try, Park shared that he would like to try something new – different from his prior roles. He added, “The drama that I’m currently filming tells the story of bodyguards and that would be very interesting”. He also expressed his hope to act with his fellow counterpart, another talented actor, Jung Ill Woo, in the future.

Bonus question for all female fans of the dashing actor – what is Park Hae Jin’s ideal type? In Park’s words, “I do not have a specific type but I like someone familiar and one who takes care of things better than me”. He cited co-star, Kim Go Eun as the actress he has the most chemistry with.

With a busy schedule overseas and domestically, there are bound to be times when he felt lonely. He shared, “I do feel lonely at times. However, I feel less lonely now that I am busy with work”. Additionally, the actor shared that he has moved in with his family and often get to spend quality time with his family.

Although he is often known to be the dashing romantic guy in dramas, he confessed that being a Busan guy, he falls short from the romanticist and warm person he is on screen. This is evident when he gets all shy and embarrassed when asked to do aegyo (cute gestures) by a fan, sending the crowd into frenzy of screams and laughter.

Park Hae Jin-20

Park also shared a quirky side of him when he commented on his pretty unusual hobbies. He shared, “I like to collect things like shoes. But most recently, I have been really interested in furnitures. So, recently, I have been looking at a lot of it.” Well, who would have thought the cool actor Park Hae Jin likes to collect furniture?

It will definitely not be the last that fans will get to see Park in 2016. He shared that his plans for the rest of 2016 would involve working extra hard and staying busy in order to give back all the love that he has received from his fans. It is evident how much he loves his fans by the constant waving and fan service he gave to all his fans throughout the media conference.

He then ended the media conference with a surprise event just for the fans! A mini handshake session with lucky fans as he walks around the barricades. Park Hae Jin truly adores his fans as he takes his time walking around and making sure he greets the fans who came down to the media conference.

Do stay tune to more amazing films from Park Hae Jin and do continue to support him in the future!

More photos of Park at this media conference in Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1662507660684642.1073741888.1422494651352612&type=1&l=b1420cf0d9.

Article by: Ayuni

We would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for the invitation to this media conference. 


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