Ricky Kim shows his affection for his wife and kids

Meet-and-Greet 01Photo credits: ONE

Singapore, 2016 – Everyone’s favorite actor turned entertainer, Ricky Kim, came to Singapore for a meet and greet on May 7th, together with his two cute kids; 5-year-old Kim Tae Rin (Taylor) and 3-year-old Kim Tae Oh (Asher William). This loving family came to Singapore to promote One Family Day Out held by ONE. The meet and greet, which was held at Waterway Point, attracted over 3,500 fans and some were even decked on the second and third floor, all trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor and his kids.

The whole venue was filled with cheers as soon as Ricky Kim came on stage. He stood on stage and looked around in awe. He took out his own phone to take pictures of the crowd and even sneaked in a selfie with the crowd!

Ricky Kim and his family gained immense popularity after appearing in “Oh! My Baby”. Ricky shared that Oh! My Baby reflects a typical day with him and his family. The reason he agreed to be on the show was mainly because of his wife, Ryu Seung Joo. His wife said that it would be a good present for his kids in the future when they’ve all grown up. He shared, “Every memory we formed is really memorable. Once in a while I’ll catch old clips of the kids and be amazed at how much they have grown.”

Meet-and-Greet 06
Photo credits: ONE

Before bringing his kids up on stage, he shared the difference in personality between his two firstborns. His first daughter, Kim Tae Rin is a princess. “She loves pink and flowers, ballet and anything sweet!” On the other hand, his second kid, a son, Kim Tae Oh is a troublemaker. Ricky shared, “Tae Oh is so full of energy and he is just a happy kid! He is the exact carbon copy of myself as a kid. And, as all of you know, he loves food so much!”

It is then time to bring the kids out! As soon as he called out to Tae Rin and Tae Oh to come out, two faces peeked out from the curtain from backstage. This brought so many screams from the fans as they chant to bring the kids out. Tae Rin and Tae Oh were both so shy at first, smiling sweetly to the camera and waving to the fans. After spending some time on the stage, they started warming up to the fans and even played some games on stage with lucky fans.

Ricky also has a third kid, a second daughter, Kim Tae Ra which he welcomed in the show. He said, “I just want to show our fans and welcome our third child together with everyone. I love and appreciate the whole support from our fans so far.”

Before he became popular as a father in Oh! My Baby, he also stands out as an actor as well as an entertainer. He has acted in various dramas and movies and also gained lots of fame and recognition when he appeared in “Let’s Go! Dream Team” as a strong athlete having the most wins in the show. When asked which is his preference, he said he has always been an actor. “With lots of support from all the fans, I’m sure you will see me as a Hollywood actor someday!”, making the fans anticipate his breakthrough into Hollywood!

Ricky also shared his secret to maintaining himself as an entertainer and a father. “It is all thanks to my amazing wife that helped me out. All the love and support is from my wife.” To share his appreciation for his wife, Ricky prepared a small Mothers Day gift for her, a bouquet of flowers; for his wife who loves flowers.

Meet-and-Greet 09
Photo credits: ONE

The whole family then took a couple of family pictures together with the fans before leaving Ricky alone on stage for his autograph session. He was all smiles during the autograph session and was very diligent in making sure he got their names right for an autograph.

At the end of the autograph session, Ricky exclaimed, “I didn’t expect such a turnout! I hope I am able to take pictures with all of you!” He also asks fans to anticipate his future projects as he would be doing lots of interesting work in the future. He ended the whole event off by saying, “I hope I can continue to become a good father to my kids, a good husband to my beautiful wife and a good entertainer to all my fans.” relaying his appreciation once again to everyone who came for the meet and greet.

Meet-and-Greet 11
Photo credits: ONE

Fans who missed the event can catch Ricky Kim and family on Oh! My Baby which airs within a week of Korea’s telecast, every Thursday at 11pm on ONE. Viewers can also enjoy other hit variety shows within a week of their Korean telecast, including Running Man, Law of the Jungle, K-Pop Countdown (Inkigayo) and Star King (S2), evert weeknight at 11pm.

ONE is available in Singapore on Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and Starhub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823. 
One Family Day Out with Ricky Kim & Kids is proudly organized by ONE along with Official Mall Waterway Point.

Article by: Ayuni
Photos by: ONE

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