Rain proves that age is just a number as he amazes with his soulful vocals and powerful dance moves


On 30th December, Rain came to Singapore for his The Squall World Tour. Since it has been a while since he came for a concert in Singapore, it had fans all excited to watch their favorite performer performing again. 

The concert, which was held at Suntec Convention Centre, The Ballroom was brimming with his fans of all ages and gender. Although the concert started 1 hour later as stated, it did not dampen the mood of fans as they waited excitedly for Rain to appear.

The moment the lights were dimmed, the fans squealed in delight and Rain opened their concert with a dance number, “It’s Raining”. He performed several favorites like, “Hip Song”, “Bad Boy”, “30 Sexy” and kept the audience entertained with his amazing dance moves and aura.


He also showed off his amazing vocals and performed several ballads, “Love Story”, “Handshake”, “The Song That Will Get You” and serenaded all his fans who were there. You can see the awe in the fans eyes as they watched him perform these soulful ballads.

During “The Bed I Lay In” he even went down the stage and walked to his fans much to the delight of his fans as most of them rushed forward to get closer to their favorite singer.

Rain shows various stages during the concert and flaunts his versatility. He also proved that age is just a number as he showed off his perfectly sculpted body during “Only You” which brought screams from all his fans.


He also performed a Chinese Song, 克拉戀人, appealing to his big Chinese fanbase.

During his “I Love You” stage, most fans start to flock to the front of the stage to get a closer glimpse of the entertainer. Rain shows thoughtfulness to his fans as he exclaimed, “It’s okay!” to the security and beckon his fans forward. Much to the delight of a fan, he even took her phone and started recording himself from up on stage. I’m sure that recording would be kept dear to her heart!

One of his ending songs is arguably one of his most popular songs, “Rainism”! It was an amazing stage with fans all singing along and chanting together with him. Before the concert came to a close, he came back on stage to perform a “La Song Remix” which continued to bump up the energy of his fans as most of them are already up on their feet and dancing along to the melody.


The whole concert experience was amazing as Rain proves he is an amazing entertainer still after all these years. His versatility and energy still amaze me as well as his fans present. It is no surprise that his performances during the concert made fans leave the venue craving for another concert sometime soon.

Special thanks to Faith&D Entertainment for the invite to cover The Squall World Tour in Singapore and Star Speed Entertainment for the photos.


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