Park Bo Gum proves he’s a walking angel at his Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – Everyone’s favorite angelic actor, Park Bo Gum, came to Singapore for a fan meet on February 18 as part of his <Oh Happy Day> Asia Tour Fan Meeting. The fan meet which was held at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre seated over 3,500 passionate fans who were all excited to see their favorite actor in real life.

The whole venue erupted with cheers as soon as the screen lifted to reveal the charming Park Bo Gum on stage. He started off shyly with introductions. The fan meet is split into different segments where he played games, cook and shared some personal pictures.

During the fan meet, he showed many different sides of himself that I’m sure makes the fans fall for him even more. He showed his carefree side by dancing to the popular Bombastic scene from Love in the Moonlight.


Well-known for being a kind and warm person, it is no surprise that he have made many celebrity friends over the years. His friends, which includes Lee Kwangsoo, Cha Taehyun, B1A4 Jinyoung, BTS and Kim Jongkook made a congratulatory video for his first ever Asia Tour. Not only that, much to the fans’ anticipation, his really good friend Song Joongki even came down to the fan meet as a surprise guest to show his support. He even exclaimed, “I came to Singapore for the fan meet as I am a huge fan too!!” proving the loyal friendship between the two.

The whole fan meet lasted over 3 hours in which he spent the time playing games, reenacting popular scenes with the fans, sharing some personal stories and singing beautifully to some of his dramas’ OST which includes “Swallowing My Heart”, “Everyday With You” and also “A Girl”. He also adorably performed the song “Singapura” and made his way through the crowds.


Park Bo Gum also showed his love for local food during one of the segments where he tried local food like Roti Prata and Carrot Cake. He dived right into the Roti Prata (even using his hands!) and dipped into the curry. His face lit up and exclaimed, “So delicious!”. His love for curry peaked as he even went ahead to dip his carrot cake in curry, causing roaring laughter across the theater.

As the fan meet draws to a close, Park Bo Gum came on stage with a handwritten letter. He poured out his thoughts and gratitude as he read the letter. “You only live once. I hope both you and I continue to keep in mind that every choice we make defines our lives and make every day a happy day. Thank you so much again for being a part of this wonderful experience. I hope every day will be filled with gratitude and happiness.”, he shared.


To show the fans’ gratitude to the actor, Singapore’s Park Bo Gum fansite even prepared a small video for him and raised ready made banners to show their continuous support and love. As he watched the video, Park Bo Gum smiled warmly and even teared slightly!

He then ended off the fan meet by singing “My Dearest” and sadly walked to the back of the screen. Even to the last second, he tried his best to continue waving to the fans as the screen came down. That is however not the end as he happily came back on stage minutes after for a hi-touch session with all, 3500 of the ticket holders.


After the whole fan meet experience, it is no surprise that Park Bo Gum’s fanbase will continue to grow as he is really what the media made of him – a kind, sincere, warm and loveable actor. His genuine character still amazes me and I am sure the fans will be waiting for the next time Bo Gum steps on this lion city!

Special thanks to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover Park Bo Gum “Oh Happy Day” Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore.

Image credits: UnUsUaL Entertainment


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