Lee Dong Wook wants to try a “bad boy” image for his next drama!


April, 2017Lee Dong Wook was in town on 15 April 2017 for his ‘For My Dear’ Asia tour in Singapore. Decked in a dashing grey suit, Lee Dong Wook kick-started the day with a public press conference attended by media representatives and passionate fans amidst the sweltering hot weather. Courtesy of Starhub, 40 lucky fans won exclusive front-row passes for the press conference and 5 lucky fans even walked away with goodie bags.

Having starred in many popular dramas like ‘My Girl’, ‘Hotel King’ and not to mention the recently concluded popular drama ‘Goblin’, Lee Dong Wook’s popularity shined through the number of attendees at the event, as well as the loud cheers that greeted him when he finally appeared on stage.

Taking time to greet the fans and media, Lee Dong Wook posed in different directions to enable fans and media alike clear shots of him. The host then invited him to be seated and kickstarted the press conference with a series of Q&A, allowing fans a quick glimpse into his thoughts.


When questioned on where has he been to/ liked to go to in Singapore, Lee Dong Wook shared that although this was his 2nd visit in 6 years, he has not been to any attractions in Singapore so far due to the planned hectic schedule. For both times so far, he had arrived the night before and headed straight to the hotel to sleep and to the event venue immediately the next day. He also took the opportunity to send his apologies for not being able to spend more time with his fans who had turned up at the airport the night before.

In line with the ‘Goblin’s’ fantasy theme, Lee Dong Wook shared that he would want to have teleportation powers if he could choose to have a supernatural power. This way, he could save loads of time, beat the traffic and also visit his fans in Singapore and all around the world easily! Definitely a useful power to have especially with his explosive popularity around the globe!


With his involvement in various drama to date, Lee Dong Wook was asked which character did he resemble the most amongst all his characters so far. He shared that it was difficult to choose 1 particular character as he has similar traits to all the characters that he has acted so far.

When questioned on what role he would like to try next, Lee Dong Wook shared that he is keen to try anything that he has not tried before. He also shared that as Goblin was a fantasy themed drama, he is keen to explore something that is more realistic for his next production. Fans suggested for him to try out a ‘bad boy’ image next, to which he said ‘Ok’!


Ardent fans would know that our favorite Grim Reaper killed his role in Goblin with his pale complexion and contrasting red lips – so popular that “Lee Dong Wook tint” appeared on Korean online portals. When asked what his secret was to his good complexion, he jokingly expressed discomfort at the male host’s interest in his skin before confidently expressing that he was naturally born with good complexion.

Lee Dong Wook ended the press conference by sharing his upcoming plans. He shared that after the conclusion of his Asia tour in July, he hopes to return with a new image and show soon after.

Stay tuned as we share our coverage of Lee Dong Wook’s ‘For My Dear’ fan-meet soon!

Writer: Sylvie


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