Taeyeon ends her ‘Persona’ tour with a perfect curtain call


Hong Kong, 2017 – Girls’ Generation leader, Taeyeon, recently released her new album ‘My Voice’ and has been performing around Asia for her solo concert ‘Persona’. She was in Hong Kong on 10 and 11 June for the last stop of her ‘Persona’ concert tour. 

Taeyeon opened the concert with UR, accompanied by the amazing pink sea of light sticks created by the fans. During the talking segment, she greeted the fans using Cantonese, ensuing cheers from the audience.

For this concert (10 June), Hong Kong SONE prepared 3 events. During ‘Lonely Night’, fans lit up the hall with white light, conveying the message that on a dark and lonely night, SONE will be like stars, keeping her company.


There is plenty of interaction between Taeyeon and the fans as she repeatedly encouraged fans to sing along with her. During ‘Rain’, the fans sang and hummed along loudly. Following ‘Rain’ was the 2nd event, which was to light up the hall with 5 different coloured light sticks during ‘I Blame on you’. It is to depict a rainbow after the rain.

During the talking segment, Taeyeon thanked SONEs for their endless support and also expressed her gratitude to everyone who made the concert possible, including all the staff, dancers and band. Taeyeon also expressed her gratitude for the fans by saying ‘Thank you’, ‘Heart heart’, ‘I love you’ in Cantonese. She also mentioned that she is really thankful and touched when she saw the events prepared by Hong Kong fans.


The concert then continued with ‘Cover up’, ‘Hands On Me’ and ‘Stress’, bringing the atmosphere of the concert to another climax. Taeyeon then ended the concert with ’11:11′ and ‘Why’. And of course, this concert did not end without an encore as Taeyeon came out to sing ‘Fine’. Hong Kong Sone then raised a banner that reads ‘It is not a fine day without Taeyeon’.


Taeyeon then performed ‘Time Lapse’ and ‘curtain call’, ending the last stop of her tour with a perfect curtain call. With such an amazing concert, it is no wonder fans can’t get enough of SNSD’s kid-leader, Taeyeon. Looking forward to more albums and concerts in the future!

香港,2017 – 少女時代泰妍發表了最新個人正規專輯<My Voice>後, 舉行了首個亞洲巡迴演唱會<TaeYeon Solo Concert Persona>, 於過去周末6月10, 11日以香港亞洲國際博覽館作為這次亞巡的尾站, 並在粉絲們熱死支持下完美落幕.

期待己久的演唱會以高難度演唱技功<U R>作為開場曲, 全場一起揮動粉紅色應光棒形造一個壯觀的粉紅海, 原本以英文打招呼的泰妍突然想起, 入鄉隨俗以廣東話”大家好,我係泰妍”向Sone問好, 即時引起Sone熱烈歡呼. 換了衣服後的泰妍改行成熟女人風, 不只衣服設計隱若露出美背, 舞蹈還加了性感為題的Vogue更增添不少女人味. 此次演唱會Sone為了泰妍準備了3個Event, 在Lonely Night 把官方應援色粉紅手燈轉為白色小燈, 意指寂寞的晚上也有Sone的星星陪伴著泰妍. 泰妍不時與粉絲互動, 唱歌期間還會把MIC給粉迷一起合唱,像歌曲<Rain>, Sone大聲哼唱令泰妍非常滿意, 第二個Event全場變為5種不同顏色手燈形成彩虹, 會在<I Blame On You>做這個Event是因為想形成雨後彩虹的感覺(上一次歌是RAIN), 泰妍大讚真的像看見彩虹一樣美麗. 演唱會中大展歌喉的泰妍, 熱唱多首名曲飆高音也不失水準果真是天籟之音.

在Ment時間, 泰妍不但感謝Sone的支持亦感謝一起幫忙這次演唱會的幕前幕後所有的工作人員, 期中特別感謝舞蹈出色的Daner為她伴舞及BAND幫她部分的歌曲重新編曲及現場演奏, 有了他們令整個表演更加華麗. 心情好的泰妍更學習翻譯的說話, 大說廣東話”多謝”, “心心”, “我愛你”等, 展現她可愛的一面. 還一直稱讚Sone準備的Event很感動很有驚喜, 用廣東話大讚Sone ”최고最好”.

到演唱會尾聲, 以<Cover Up>, <Hands On Me>, <Stress>三首輕快的歌曲把演唱會氣氛拉到最高點, 以<11:11>和<Why>為尾聲, Sone不捨安哥先唱了<Make Me Love You>副歌部分再大喊金泰妍的名字, 最後被感動的泰妍<Fine>作為安哥曲, Sone高舉最後一個手幅Event “태여니 없는 날 it’s not fine!(沒有泰妍的日子it’s not fine)”感動泰妍,最後並唱出<Time lapse>和<Curtain Call>正式結束這個演唱會, 並結束了4個國家的亞巡.

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