Exclusive interview with the people behind the hit Korean comedy sensation, JUMP!

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Singapore, 2017 – This weekend, the wacky, action-packed Korean comedy sensation, JUMP, will be in Singapore for their 30, 000th show.

Having performed worldwide in over 152 cities in more than 87 countries, it is finally making its way back to Singapore after touring internationally since 2005!

We had an opportunity to interview the Executive Producer/CEO of YEGAM Inc. 2007 Kyung-Hun Kim, Producer and CEO, YEGAM Inc., Cara Han (Han Kyung Ah), Director of YEGAM Inc. JUMP, Jun-Sang Lee and even the casts of this production!


  1. JUMP has been incredibly popular not only in Korea but international as well. How did you make sure that the musical has such a strong universal appeal?

We adapt our show to that of cartoon animation. JUMP takes inspiration from Korea but it is not a Korean show. Our characters are diverse and cartoon-like so that our show gathers a universal appeal. Despite the non-verbal comedy, our characters are positioned in a way that western and Asian culture can appreciate and understand.

  1. The show garnered a top box office award in the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. How did you feel when you first found out?

We felt very surprised and thrilled that JUMP had managed to make its mark internationally. It was a breakthrough for Korea to enter mainstream theatre, and we received good critics. It was remarkable.

  1. What are your biggest challenges as the producers of this show? Were there any thoughts of giving up at some point?

There were many times we felt like giving up because when we first did our show in Korea, the local audiences didn’t appreciate the slapstick comedy nor understood why it was non-verbal. They had many questions on what kind of theatre production JUMP was. We were scared to try our show out overseas because we had no experience with production outside of Korea. It was painful that the Asian market was less receptive to JUMP in the beginning. We worked hard and constantly tried to better our show.

  1. What are your favorite parts about producing this show?

Creating the concept behind JUMP and trying to make it a known brand. The creative process such as considering rebranding according to the types of audiences they are performing for.

  1. Are there any plans to expand the musical further?

Yes, we consider enhancing our technical skills. For JUMP, there are even flying scenes. Our creative team is looking into using high technology, such as creating holographic to make those scenes more vibrant. We definitely want to keep to our storyline. We consider those iconic shows such as Phantom of the Opera. It has had amazing success and the story remains the same. We hope to achieve that with JUMP.

  1. JUMP is celebrating its 30,000th show here in Singapore. How did you maintain the quality and workmanship for the whole show till this day?

We have a strong creative team that takes into consideration what areas we can improve on. We’re always thinking how to better the experience for the audience. Our cast also works incredibly hard and are dedicated to putting on a great performance.

  1. What do you think is the reason why Jump is so popular in Korea as well as internationally?

Even when we performed overseas, the audience was able to understand the storyline through JUMP’s strong sense of comedy. They were able to appreciate our show because the humor was refreshing, even when the storyline was built around Korean culture.

8. There are a lot of different musicals out there. What is so unique about JUMP that has people watching even after 30,000 shows?

JUMP’s comedy is all rounded and appeals to a range of audiences. The slapstick comedy and action packed show brings a unique twist that makes JUMP worth watching.

Jun-Sang Lee, Director of YEGAM Inc. JUMP and Comic Extreme Martial Arts Taekwondo Performance RIVAL

  1. What’s the most difficult part of being the director of JUMP?

The training of the cast members because there is high intensity training to prepare them for their roles. We have to make sure they are ready for their performances – both in acting and the martial arts acts.

Cast Group Photo

Cast Members of YEGAM Inc. JUMP

  1. What’s your favourite part about being a part of JUMP?

It’s a great experience being part of such a big show and enticing audiences all around the world.

  1. Are there any interesting or fun stories to share during the preparation for the Singapore show?

Our whole team is very close and we joke together about our performances after the show. It’s a good learning curve as well.

  1. Do you do things differently when you’re overseas? Do your actions get more exaggerated or are everything usually the same?

Only a little. Sometimes, we switch up the fighting scenes to create a more intense atmosphere.

  1. How extensive are the trainings to prepare for the show?

It is challenging and puts stress on our body due to the long hours of practice. But it is all worth it for JUMP.

  1. Lastly, why should everyone get tickets to catch JUMP live in Singapore?

It is a fantastic show. It is filled with lots of laughter and the scenes are constantly exciting our audience’s right after another.

After hearing their stories and responses, we can’t wait to catch the show tonight! Since it will only be in Singapore for 4 shows, don’t forget to grab your tickets at Sistic now!

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