Taeyang Asks Fans to Only Look at Him at 2017 World Tour White Night in Jakarta

IMG_6234Jakarta, 2017Taeyang, the member of legendary K-Pop boy band Big Bang, came to have a good time with fans in Jakarta! Held on October 13, 2017, at JIEXPO Hall B3, ‘2017 World Tour White Night’ is a series of a tour before the vocalist leaves the spotlight for mandatory army service. This tour also marked the fourth time he visited the country after Big Bang MADE Tour and his solo concert RISE in 2015, and also a joined concert ‘Saranghaeyo Indonesia’ in 2016.

Although the weather had been quite bad and rain threatened to fall since noon, fans couldn’t contain their enthusiasm to meet Taeyang once again after the said artist visited Indonesia last year. They looked pretty chill when they were waiting on their seat at the venue, but their spirit immediately peaked when the lamps off and the music on. Taeyang was finally here!

IMG_6239“Jakarta, what’s up?” He opened the stage with one of his hit songs, ‘Ringa Linga’. Dressed in all-white, he immediately hypnotized audiences with his energetic dance and clear voice. He also wasn’t shy to dance rather erotically with sexy female dancers as he sang ‘Body’ and ‘Superstar’. He really drove the fans crazy with his thrust to the stage floor!

The idol turned soloist greeted fans with his fluent English, expressing his excitement to meet fans again after last year. He also told audiences that he always remember Indonesian VIPs as warm fans, and he couldn’t wait to have a good time that day. He asked fans to sing together with him as he continued his performance with ‘Wake Me Up’, ‘Just Look at Me’, and ‘Wedding Dress’.

IMG_6238To bring the utmost experience with the concert, Taeyang brought the best live band members with him along for the world tour. The songs gave off different yet definitely better as he sang ‘Amazin’’, ‘1AM’, ‘Naked’, and ‘So Good’. Changing into a more comfortable outfit with a black T-shirt, Taeyang serenaded fans with an acoustic version of ‘I Need A Girl’, the hit song from his first solo album.

During Ment, he asked fans about the happiest time in their life. “My happiest moment is when I’m with Big Bang members since I’ve been together with them for 10 years. Thank you for giving me good memories here, I love you guys. Terima kasih.” The singer had promised fans that he would bring live all songs from his newest album, and he kept it by performing 5 more songs such as ‘Empty Road’, ‘Ride’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Love You to Death’, and special piano version of ‘Last Dance’. “It’s unfortunate that this concert has come to an end. But it depends on your reaction, maybe I might be able to bring more songs?” Taeyang teased the fans before he sang the last song, ‘Darling’.

IMG_6231.jpgVIPs didn’t keep silent even after the lights were on, chanting “We want more!” again and again, louder and louder. They immediately rose from their seats as the light came off from the stage and Taeyang came back in a uniformed black sleeveless shirt with tour title printed on the chest, answering his fans’ call. He once again hyped up the venue with uplifting songs like ‘Break Down’, ‘Stay with Me’, his duet song with GD ‘Good Boy’, and also Big Bang songs ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’. He gratefully thanked his fans again and again before officially closing that night’s stage with his biggest hit, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’.

Taeyang immediately left Indonesia for his next tour in Malaysia on October 15. He’s also going to Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan before he wraps up the tour and prepares for his enlistment.

See you again really soon, Taeyang!

We would like to thank IME Indonesia for the invitation to cover this event.

Article by: Tsurayya
Photo credit: IME Indonesia

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