Big Bang’s Taeyang showed his versatility as an artist at his White Night World Tour in Singapore!


(image credit: YG Entertainment)

Singapore, 2017 – On 27th October, the soulful member of Big Bang, Taeyang came to Singapore as part of his White Night World Tour. Taeyang showed his versatility as a performer as he did everything you could have asked for – dance, sing and even play the piano!


Opening the concert with Ringa Linga, he made sure the audience are hyped for an amazing concert ahead. So early into the concert, he had all the fans up and jumping, enjoying themselves.

Not only did he perform upbeat songs, he also showed how versatile he is as an artist by singing slow songs as well. He even showed off his piano skills during the Last Dance performance. It definitely had all the fans swooning as he performed the song so charmingly.


(image credit: YG Entertainment)

During the whole concert, he showed off his pretty fluent English by greeting all the fans in English. He even managed to thank the fans and relayed how appreciative he was to the fans.

The crowd was also as amazing as they sang along to most of his songs! During I need a girl, Taeyang even let the crowd sing the whole chorus and the fans voice echoed throughout the venue. It showed how much dedication and admiration the fans have for him as a singer!


(image credit: YG Entertainment)

Since this is his solo tour, he shared how much he actually miss performing with his other members. After the end of one of his performances, he shared, “Performing this song makes me miss the Big Bang members,” showing his loyalty to the group. He also promised to come back Singapore with the rest of the members for a Big Bang World Tour next!

Taeyang performed not only all his songs to his latest album, he also performed a lot of fans’ favorites. He closed the whole concert with Eyes Nose Lips, my personal favorite! It was definitely a good ending to the concert.


(image credit: YG Entertainment)

Even after the whole concert ends, most of the fans still lingered around the venue obviously not wanting the concert of their dreams to end. Let’s hope we see not only Taeyang but the rest of the Big Bang members in Singapore soon! I’m sure I’ll be there!


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