Thunder is Ready to Swoon Fans Through His New Movie at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

IMG_0424.jpgJakarta, 2017 – Indonesian A+ were excited on Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 at Fashion Atrium Senayan City, ready to enter the venue. What was the occasion? You’re right! Thunder, ex-member of boy group MBLAQ, came to Jakarta, Indonesia, for showcase of his upcoming movie, ‘Forever Holiday in Bali’ on October 25.

Thunder, adorned in checkered navy suit, greeted his fans who filled the venue with a smile. Along with his co-actors, director, and producer, they sat together on the stage to enclose their newest movie. The K-Pop idol turned actor greeted in English and introduced his character named Kay. “He’s a Korean idol, just like me,” he said. Kay took a short escape to Bali, without knowing that he would fall in love with a local girl, Putri.

IMG_0290The atmosphere on the stage was warm and friendly, proving no problems between the relationships of two countries. Thunder occasionally asked his co-actress, Caitlin Halderman, to explain the questions in Bahasa Indonesia instead of to his Korean interpreter. He himself admitted that one of big obstacles during filming is language barrier, but he quickly felt comfortable that his co-actors and local staffs all can communicate in English. The brother of Park Sandara mentioned riding motorbike as one of exciting episodes during filming in Bali. Delicious local foods and the ambience from the locals are also factors that made him enjoy the whole process of making this movie.

Thunder also  shared a bit about his upcoming solo album, which was written in between his filming schedules. “This album gives retro feels, I hope it will hit well,” he told fans.

At the end, Thunder and his co-actors invited everyone to get watch the movie. “The film is quite family-centered, I think it’ll fit the value in Indonesia. Please come and enjoy,” he ended his speech before performing a duet song with the heroine, titled ‘Destiny’.

‘Forever Holiday in Bali’ is the first movie produced by Sonamu Cine-House, Indonesia-Korea collaborated production house and funded by Showbox Corp. As the first collaboration, this movie began its filming in early 2017 and was written in 3 languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, and English. It is expected to release on January 2018.

We would like to thank KOCCA Indonesia and Sonamu Cine-House for the invitation to cover this event.

Article by: Tsurayya
Photo by: AF

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