Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 7’ in Hong Kong

Super Junior

Hong Kong, 2018 –Super boyband Super Junior held their 7th world tour ‘Super Show 7’ in Hong Kong on the 10 of February at the AsiaWorld–Expo. Although only 7 of the members were present for the world tour this time round, it was still a full house concert! They started off the concert with their new album title track ‘Black Suit’. 7 members came out individually from 7 boxes, with light shining on them; their entrance is really impressive.Dressed in black suit, the 7 members performed hit songs like ‘Scene Stealer’, ‘ Mamacita’. During the ‘ment’ section, they greeted everyone in Cantonese! Dong Hae specially prepared a paragraph of Cantonese speech for Hong Kong ELF and even showed off his mandarin.
Siwon, who has been in Hong Kong previously for a film shoot mentioned that it has been a long time since he is here, shared that he misses Hong Kong a lot and greeted everyone with Cantonese as well.

Super Junior

Super Junior Leader, Lee Teuk, came up with a name for the Hong Kong ELFs, ‘ Hong Kong Princess’ stating that Hong Kong ELFs are the most beautiful. Members added on saying that because ELFs from all around the world came to the Hong Kong concert as well hence all are beautiful!

Super Junior
Hee-chul even said milk skin in Korean and elfs replied with ‘Milk complexion Kim Hee Chul, We love you Kim Hee Chul!’ You can definitely see the rapport between the artists and their fans!

Super Junior

Next up was a dance solo by Eunhyuk, all members removed their black suit and dance to ‘Shirt’! During the concert, other than dressed in suit, there was masked dance, flowery dress code performance. As February 10 marks Si won’s birthday, members and all ELF sang a birthday song for Si Won, it is a really heartwarming picture to see at this concert!

韓國天團Super Junior於2月10日在香港亞洲博覽館舉行他們的第七個巡迴演唱會:Super Show7 !雖然這次巡演只有七位成員,但現場還是坐無虛席,可見其人氣無減。一開場他們就帶來了新專輯主打歌Black suit,七位成員分別站在七個金邊箱子出場,燈光逐一打在演唱的成員箱子上,登場形式十分華麗特別。

身穿黑色西裝的七子繼續勁歌熱舞演唱了Scene Stealer,MAMACITA等大熱歌。來到了Mnet環節,成員們都紛紛大秀廣東話,跟現場的大家講廣東話打招呼。李東海特別準備了一段廣東話唸給ELF聽,以後還講了一段普通話,準備得十分用心。來過香港拍戲的崔始源也提到很久沒來香港,甚是想念香港,也講了幾句廣東話。隊長利特為香港粉絲起了名稱:香港公主,說香港粉絲是最漂亮的。成員們立刻打圓場說因爲香港場各地的公主都來到了現場,所以都很美。
金希澈更是一顯其霸氣本色,只需用韓語講了牛奶皮膚,全場elf都立馬大聲回應金希澈!整句「牛奶皮膚金希澈,我們愛你金希澈!」우유빛깔 김회철
사랑해요 김희철 可謂響絕全場!


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