NCT 127 graced Hong Kong with their presence at the ‘Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2019’


Hong Kong, March 2019 – NCT 127 graced Hong Kong with their presence at the ‘Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2019’ on the 22nd of March 2019. They performed and had an interview with the media at backstage. NCT 127 had recently released an English rendition of their title songs for the international market. As the songs are all in English, Mark mentioned that the members spent a lot of time and effort practising and hence improving their English. Dim Sum was one of the food they craved for when they came to Hong Kong too.

NCT 127 is targeting the international market these days but every member did not forget what they inspire to do in the industry. They hope to take part in more variety of events and recording songs in different languages. At the same time, they also sincerely hope that they can be here in Hong Kong again to see their fans.

NCT 127昨日(22日)現身會展出席「香港亞洲流行音樂節2019」,為活動表演進行演出交流,更在後台進行了記者訪問環節。NCT 127早前在《Up Next: Session NCT 127》推出了出道以來大部分主打歌的英文版本,正式打進海外市場,被記者問到有甚麼趣事時,Mark就表示因為歌曲都是英文歌詞,所以成員們都一直在等練習,令英文也因而有所進步。而難得又來到香港有什麼比較想吃,則表示香港的點心。

NCT 127最近都積極地發近海外市場,但一眾成員都沒有為自己未來的發展設立限制,希望可以參加更多的活動和錄製不同語言的歌曲。同時,他們也十分識做地表示想可以快點再來香港和一眾粉絲見面。希望各位也可以早日夢想成真吧!

For more photos of NCT 127 :

Article credit : KStarHK


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