WayZenNies’ enthralled by WayV during Singapore Fan Meet!

Singapore – 2023, While this is WayV’s very first fan meet in Singapore, they are well-loved internationally. The group first debuted in 2019 as the fourth subunit of NCT and the first sub-unit based out of South Korea with hit songs such as “Kick Back”, “Love Talk” and their latest title song from their 4th Mini Album, “Phantom”.

The show commenced with a video introduction. Group members Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, Hendery and Yang Yang performed their hit song “Kick Back” and “Try My Luck”, showcasing fluid choreography. It was regretful that Kun could not dance along due to an injury sustained on his ankle. Nonetheless, he contributed his brilliant vocal and they pulled off an amazing stage.

After the opening act, the boys greeted WayZenNies (WayV’s Fandom Name) in both Mandarin and English expressing how thrilled they were to meet Singapore fans for the first time. Kun also assured fans that his injury is recovering well and will be getting his cast removed soon.

Shortly after, WayV moved on to their game segment with “The Way to Victory (5 Shots)”. The boys were each given a chance to fire a shot onto a dart board with different points which will lead to a mission. One of the mission required the boys to display “aegyo(being cute)” while saying “ggyu~”. While another mission, which induced ear deafening screams, was the “Pepero mission”. Kun and Yang Yang had to bite the snack on each end and get it to at least 1cm. Kun ultimately won by obtaining the highest score, earning the title “King of Phantom”. He was crowned, literally, completed with a sash and even posed for WayZenNies in a brassy manner!

The staff then brought up adorable animal headbands onto the stage as the boys get ready to perform a special dance cover medley. The medley consists of aespa’s “Illusion”, NCT Dream’s “Candy” and SHINee’s “Sherlock”. The other boys mentioned after that it was a pity Kun could not join the stage as his nickname was “Kun-rina” due to how well he executed the dance cover. Kun proceeded to do a few moves to “Illusion” while fans cheered.

The boys then serenade the crowd with melodious vocal while performing “Broken Love”. Singapore WayZenNies then surprised the boys with a rainbow ocean with a finger lights project during their performance of “Dream Launch”. Ten also mentioned that the rainbow ocean was beautiful.

After an outfit change, WayV returned on stage with matching dark-grey suit to perform more of their hit songs such as “Action Figure”, “Diamonds Only” and “Nectar” unveiling different charms.

The show took a quick turn into a comedic skit as the boys took turned proceeding backstage for another outfit change. While Kun, Ten and Yang Yang remained on stage, Yang Yang shared that Ten once tried to cook him Kimchi Bokkeumbap(Kimchi Fried Rice) but it turned out to be Kimchi Risotto, igniting laughter from the fans. Xiaojun and Hendery also spoke some Cantonese while they were on stage and revealed that they filmed a mini vlog while touring our Sunny Island!

Dressed in dark purple, WayV performed their latest title song “Phantom”, leaving fans in awe of their stage presence. Regretfully, after the performance, it was followed by WayV’s final-ment. The boys expressed their feelings and thoughts to WayZenNies unwavering support. They also mentioned that they wish to return to Singapore soon while they bided farewell.

WayV members had a final change of outfit and returned in casual fit for their encore stage. They performed “Good Life” while WayZenNies sang along. Warmth filled the air while the night came to an end.

We will be looking forward to meeting WayV in Singapore again on an even larger stage!

We would like to thank CK Star Entertainment for extending the media invitation to StarArena for this event!

Article: Cynthia

Photos: CK Star Entertainment



From the mind of one of Korea’s most acclaimed writers comes a supernatural story of demons and death starring Kim Taeri and Oh Jungse

SINGAPORE, (May 30, 2023) – After much anticipation, famed Korean storyteller Kim Eunhee is set to return to the screen with Revenant, a breathtaking series about demons, death and the dangers of the occult slated to debut June 23 on Disney+.

A Korean occult mystery thriller, Revenant tells the story of Gu Sanyeong, a woman born into poverty whose life goes from bad to worse when her father dies under mysterious circumstances. Unable to explain why tragedy seems to follow her at every turn, Sanyeong begins to discover the truth behind her cursed existence after meeting Yeom Haesang, a man who can see the demons that hold sway over our lives. Together, the pair will work to uncover a demonic doorway and break the curse that has destroyed both of their families.

Written by Kim Eunhee, the mastermind behind hit Korean series KingdomSignal, and Sign, Revenant is directed by Lee Jeonglim (VIP, The Last Empress) and Kim Jaehong (Blossom Sisters, Blooded Palace); and stars Kim Taeri (The Handmaiden, Mr. Sunshine) as Gu Sanyeong, a woman whose father died under mysterious circumstances; and Oh Jungse (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, When the Camellia Blooms) as Yeom Haesang, a man with the ability to see demons.

Fans of unmissable Korean storytelling can sign-up to Disney+ today to enjoy immediate access to hit dramas including Big Bet starring legendary actor Choi Minsik as a serial entrepreneur who repeatedly crosses the line to help bolster his burgeoning casino business; Big Mouth, about a lawyer who is arrested as part of the murder case he is investigating; and an entire library of endless entertainment featuring local APAC originals and global tentpole movies and series.

Stream Revenant from June 23 on Disney+.


CRAVITY are embarking on their first world tour “MASTERPIECE WORLD TOUR” which will be held in Japan after the first kick-off in Seoul on the May 13 and 14th . Followed by America, Taiwan and other countries.

CRAVITY will be holding their 2023 CRAVITY THE 1st WORLD TOUR ‘MASTERPIECE’ IN HONG KONG on the 29th of July at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre which is presented by D-show Entertainment Limited.

CRAVITY, debuted in 2020 with the song <Break All the rules> with 9 members, Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin. Known for their outstanding power packed energy group choreography performance they have been awarded numerous awards from MAMA, AAA and Melon Music awards. Not just in the Asia countries, their music has also been recognized and ranked in iTunes and the billboard.

On March 21, CRAVITY announced the kick-off of their first world tour entitled 2023 CRAVITY The 1st World Tour ‘Masterpiece’ in the Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. The first concert in Seoul that was held on the May 13, 14.

Luvity are delighted that in just a short span of 3 years, CRAVITY will be holding their first ever concert.

This vacation, fans will finally be able to meet CRAVITY in Hong Kong.

Ticketing Details:
Date: Saturday, 29nd July 2023
Time: 6pm
Venue: Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre(KITEC)  假九龍灣國際展貿中心ROTUNDA 3
Tickets: HK$1,480/ HK$880


首個世界巡唱下月正式展開 隊長世琳感謝粉絲支持

韓國新晉男子組合CRAVITY早前宣布正式展開首個世界巡迴演唱會,將會走訪日本、美國、台灣等地,與各地的LUVITY (粉絲名稱)見面。CRAVITY更將於2023年7 月29日(六)假九龍灣國際展貿中心ROTUNDA 3舉行由德碩文化傳播有限公司主辦的「2023 CRAVITY THE 1 ST WORLD TOUR ‘MASTERPIECE’ IN HONG KONG」。

CRAVITY 首度來港開唱,相信一眾香港的LUVITY都翹首以待!2020年憑藉《Break All The Rules》一曲正式出道的CRAVITY,由世琳、 ALLEN、廷 謨、宇璸、元進、慜熙、邢準、泰榮及性玟組成。9位成員以充滿力量的群舞及

多元化的演出吸引了大眾的目光;甫出道便橫掃MAMA、Asia Artist Awards、Melon Music Awards等多個大型音樂頒獎禮的新人獎項,有「怪物新人」之稱。近年推出的音樂作品都大獲好評,不僅奪得多首冠軍歌,專輯亦在海




Endless Viu-ing action this jam-packed June

Viu turns up the heat this summer with new releases sure to excite and entertain

Viu brings the heat this June with our sizzling lineup of new releases, along with a concert staged by triple-threat entertainer Lee Seung-gi that’ll set hearts on fire. Whether you’re being serenaded by Lee Seung-gi, basking in the sun, or seeking shelter from the sweltering heat, Viu’s got something for everyone this month!


Catch Kim Myung-soo (L) in his comeback to the small screen in Numbers, an upcoming revenge-legal drama where he stars as Jang Ho-woo, the only accountant in one of the Big 4 accounting firms with a high school diploma. Watch as he navigates his way through the cutthroat workplace to prove himself, while harbouring a vengeful secret.


Can’t get enough of Lee Seungi-gi? Then catch him in not one, but two K-varieties launching this month, only on Viu. He reunites with Kang Ho-dong after more than a decade with the reboot of Strong Heart, where panellists and guests share their most entertaining stories. The reboot, titled Thumbnail Battle: The Strongest Hearts, introduces an additional element where guests battle in teams under either “Team Kang Ho-dong” or “Team Lee Seung-gi”. Watch on to see which team will emerge triumphant.
Another must-watch is Ramyun Brothers in Japan! The dynamic duo, together with rising star Bae In-hyuk, embark on a quest to promote ramyeon in Japan by selling delicious bowls of Korean noodles at a famous Japanese tourist destination.


Catch Korea’s legendary divas on their nationwide tour! Dancing Queens on the Road follows top female artists Lee Hyori, BoA, Hwasa, Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Wan-sun’s journey on their nationwide tour, with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and fan interactions. That’s not all – catch your favourite South Korean girl groups in Queendom Puzzle, a spin-off of popular survival show Queendom, to form the ultimate girl group. Contestants include current and former members of established K-pop girl groups, such as CLC’s Yeeun, former MOMOLAND member JooE, and Lovelyz’s Kei. Contestants have to bring their A game with fresh remixes and lively performances, or risk elimination.

Enjoy the best of Asian entertainment on Viu, an OTT video service, where you can catch the latest Asian dramas and variety shows for free or subscribe to Premium to enjoy exclusive content such as award-winning movies, and other exclusive perks! Movies are available only to Viu Premium subscribers. As a Premium subscriber, you also get to enjoy the
following perks:

  • Unlimited download for offline viewing
  • All-access pass: Unlimited access to all content
  • Priority viewing from as fast as 8 hours after original telecast
  • TV access^: Via Smart TV or casting
  • Full HD: Up to 1080p
  • Uninterrupted viewing: No video ads
    ^TV rights are applicable for selected shows on selected Smart TV models and casting.

Jung Yong Hwa invited his fans to a gorgeous night at 華麗和夜 Fan meeting in Macau

Hong Kong – 2023, Jung Yong Hwa , Leader of the Korean boy band CNBLUE, held his fan meeting 《Jung yong hwa 2023 Fan Meeting”華麗和夜” in Macau》on 7th May 2023.

He was thrilled to see a lot of his fans as it has been a long time for Yong Hwa to meet overseas fans because of Covid-19 Pandemic. For an almost 2 hours show, Yong Hwa performed《You’re so fine》,《Star, you》,《Dimples》(By JJ Lin),《Checkmate》,《Fireworks》and 《Goodnight Lover》.

Followed up by his greeting to his fans. Yong Hwa said “Hello everyone~ I’m Yong Hwa. It’s been a long time since I last see you guys in Macau. About 6 years? I missed you very much!” in Chinese.

The talk Session was divided into 4 different parts.

《#1 Brain🧠》《#2 Do Re Mi Fa So🎶》《#3 Live🎙️》《#4 Boice❤️》

《#1 Brain🧠》

Jung Yong Hwa acted as Shin Ha Ru in KBS drama Brain Works. He mentioned, in order to make the cold storage scene with Cha Tae Hyun much more realistic, they filmed it in a real cold storage.  “I remembered that it was super cold. But I am a genius brain Dr in the show and in real life, it wasn’t hard for me. I have to memorize a lot of lines when I am doing a concert tour.
This is my first time acting in this kind of role, so I enjoyed it a lot.”

《#2 Do Re Mi Fa So🎶》

There is a boy band audition audition survival called THE IDOL BAND : BOY’S BATTLE which Yong hwa plays a part in it as a producer. “I’ve never produced for other artists. I have to do it properly when I do it, so I keep in touch with them (Hi-Fi Unicon) a lot and I worked hard to produce a song that fits them.”

Yong Hwa sang a little bit of the song《Do Re Me Fa So》

《#3 Live🎙️》

CNBLUE Zepp Tour(Left)JJ20 World Tour in HK(Middle)2023 JUNG YONG HWA Live ‘ALL-ROUNDER'(Right)

Recently, Yong Hwa was a guest at JJ LIN’s concert in Hong Kong .
He asked if the fans were there as well. He mentioned that he had a new goal recently and its to hold a concert at that same venue that JJ Lin had held his concert at which is the Central Harbourfront Event Space.

JJ Lin said that Yong Hwa, “You can definitely do it, I’ll give you courage!” when he told JJ that he want to held a concert at the same venue. Yong Hwa also mentioned “ I would love to enjoy the view of the ferries wheel while performing at such an amazing performance venue. I think i can do it if you guys still here~”

It was raining heavily that day during the JJ Lin concert in Hong Kong. Yong Hwa thought it would be cancelled and he might need to go back. But he was really lost as he really want to perform and it has been sometime since he visited Hong Kong.

But when the show began, it stopped raining. So he hope that when its was his turn, please give him lots of support and hope so he can perform there as well.

《#4 Boice❤️》

Q&A time

Question : “Can’t drink coffee for 1 week vs Can’t eat Beijing duck for 1 year”

YH: All the same, I will choose coffee. I need to drink coffee everyday. If i can’t eat Beijing duck, i will eat BBQ pork(燒乳豬) because it is more expensive.

Question :”Asking for 2 ticket of Hong Kong concert”

YH: I think I need to think about this. This is not a question, is a request.

Question : “You were the first person to let me know K-pop, love K-pop and know Korean. Thank you.”

YH: I am happy when I hear this type of works.我聽到這些話 我感到很開心。I will be your last kpop artist.

Question: Yong Hwa, When will you comeback?”

YH : I have prepared a lot of songs for comeback. Many good songs, so I need to decide use which song. Will comeback as soon as possible.

Thank you to Kulture Entertainment for the invitation.

Photo and article credits : Karl


This will be the Chinese boy group’s first fan event in Singapore, and the sixth stop of their solo global tour

SINGAPORE, 11 May 2023WayV (Chinese: 威神V) will be heading to Singapore for their fanmeeting tour, titled “[Phantom]”.

The tour first kicked off in Seoul this past February, then continued in Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta, and has an upcoming stop in Hong Kong. CK Star Entertainment is proud to present the Singapore show on 2 June 2023 (Friday), 6PM, at The Star Theatre.

WayV made their debut in China in January 2019 with the digital EP “The Vision”, and in the same year, won Best New Asian Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their continuous achievements made waves in the Chinese music industry, gaining them the reputation of an emerging and trendsetting Chinese group.

The group’s first mini album, “Take Off – The 1st Mini Album” (2019) landed them at the top of the QQ Music chart, one of China’s most-used music streaming platforms.

Their latest album release in December 2022, “Phantom – The 4th Mini Album” recorded the highest first-day sales for the group with 165,411 copies, surpassing the previous record set for their third mini-album “Kick Back” (2021).

The “Phantom” album also topped multiple music charts around the world, ranking No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Album Charts in over 24 different regions, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Indonesia, India, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, and more.

Recently on 6 May, the group surprised fans with the release of their first Japanese digital single, “Welcome To My Paradise” (2023), an alluring track that invites the listener to explore WayV’s world.

The “2023 WayV Fanmeeting Tour [Phantom] in SINGAPORE” will be attended by five members: KUN, TEN, XIAOJUN, HENDERY and YANGYANG, and they are looking forward to having a special and fun time with their fans, WayZenNi, through various performances and talking segments.

Tickets will go on sale on 15 May (Monday) at 12PM via www.ticketmaster.sg, +65 3158 8588, and all SingPost outlets.

Levi’s celebrates the 150th anniversary of the 501 with an interactive pop-up and NewJeans-themed party

Levi’s® celebrates the 150th anniversary of its iconic 501® jeans with the Levi’s® 501® Experience pop-up and the release of the Levi’s® Vintage Clothing 1873 XX Waist Overalls.

Happening on 20 and 21 May at 72-13, the Levi’s® 501® Experience is a free two-day interactive pop-up event that combines culture, entertainment and retail under one roof.

In a nutshell, guests can look forward to:

  • Denim workshops with FIN Crafted Goods where they will learn how to fashion keychains out of defective jeans
  • NewJeans-themed party with DJ Clammr on 20 May and Sundowner with DJ TINC on 21 May
  • Denim customisation with patches and embroidery at the Levi’s® Tailor Shop or pop-up-exclusive flash designs by local artists Lovage & Ken and Tobyato
  • The Levi’s® 501® Experience Retail Shop where they can purchase products from the Levi’s® 501® 150th anniversary collection including the Levi’s® 501® Original Banner Pant and Trucker Jacket

Entry is free for all, consumers may register early at bit.ly/levis501experienceto enjoy a mystery door gift.

On 20 May, Levi’s® Vintage Clothing will also launch its 1873 XX Waist Overalls. Levi’s® Historian Tracey Panek and the Levi’s® Vintage Clothing design team took to pieces from the Levi’s® Archives and historical artefacts from the time period to reconstruct the first blue jeans, resulting in its first accurate recreation.   

The 1873 XX Overalls launches worldwide on 20 May 2023. Limited quantities will retail exclusively at Levi’s® ION Orchard, B2-23.  


Singapore – The actor is here on the sunny shores of Singapore to promote the second season of his hit drama “Taxi Driver” and also held his First Solo Fanmeeting <Vacation>. Prior to the Fanmeeting, Lee Je Hoon appeared at the press conference dressed head to toe in black and looking stylish. He was all- smiles as he greeted the host and audience warmly.

Here are some key takeaways from the press conference: He loves Singapore – He has been here at least twice since the pandemic travel restrictions lifted, on personal vacations and he walks around the island a lot on foot whenever he’s here! No, he does not dress as flamboyantly as Wang Tao Zi (a character that fans chose as his best persona in Taxi Driver) – His personal closet does not contain such clothes, as he says with a laugh.

The actor also reveals that his driving skill changed drastically after he filmed 2 seasons of Taxi Driver. Calling himself a “textbook driver” who follows all road rules safely, he has since learned to do some dangerous stunts (such as speeding and drifting) because of the show. He then candidly says that sometimes he has to remind himself that he’s not Kim Do-Gi and tries to ensure that he drives properly. He loves food – Listing down Hainan Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab and Bak Kut Teh as his choices but when forced to choose only one, he eventually settled for buffet as his option, as he could not choose.

Lee Je Hoon revealed that felt a little lonely as he had to work on most of the scenes in Season 1 alone. However, in season 2 of Taxi Driver, he is grateful that he was able to film more with the Rainbow Taxi Company team, and the most memorable part was when they had the meetings in the basement. He was also glad that he could reprise the role of Wang Tao Zi once again.

Here he is, showing off his acting skills! When prompted by the host, he then proceeded to showcase his different personas from Kim Do-Gi to Wang Tao Zi before smoothly transitioning into the bright smile and laughter of Lee Je Hoon.

Before wrapping up the press conference, Lee Je Hoon sincerely expressed how grateful he is for the opportunity to be here in Singapore to promote his own drama and hopes that he can be back again as Singapore is one of the countries he loves to visit.

We also had the opportunity to attend the first fanmeeting <Vacation> of the handsome actor, held
at Stephen Riady Auditorium, NTUC Centre on 25 March 2023! The fanmeeting consisted of two sessions: 2PM & 6PM.
Before kicking off the fanmeeting, he earnestly thanked the fans for coming despite the harsh weather. Lee Je Hoon then interacted with the fans through a variety of well-thought-out questions which revealed more of his personality and preferences, played an exciting trivia game, and even serenaded the fans sweetly with his cover of LANY’s “Thick And Thin”.
Here are some snippets from the 2-part segment of his Q&A:

His most memorable moment recently – The Fanmeeting and the opportunity to meet the fans in Asia. As a TMI, Lee Je Hoon hinted at his upcoming project – Financial Crime and he will be speaking English so he has been practicing for it! He also revealed a little spoiler for the next episode of Taxi Driver 2, which got the crowd eager with anticipation. He loves that in Singapore, he doesn’t have to travel far to find delicious food in one place and that amazes him. He enjoys street food snacks such as Gimbap, Odeng and Tteokbokki! His morning routine includes having an apple and it’s a habit he’s had for 30 years! The actor also made an impromptu sweet morning wake-up call for the fans that had them squealing in delight. When asked about the workout routine he does, he did not hesitate to do a live demonstration of his push-ups and sit-ups. Later on, the playful actor also teased the fans with a glimpse of his abs which got the fans swooning in their seats.

Lastly, the actor engaged with the fans through a fun trivia game. The crowd was buzzing with excitement as they participated with much enthusiasm right till the end. 3 true-blue fans who got all the questions right won the opportunity to get on stage to pose for a 1:1 photo and even a hug too.

It was definitely a heartwarming and cute moment, congratulations to the lucky fans!
The time spent definitely felt like a vacation with Lee Je Hoon. We hope to see the charming and humble actor back on our sunny island again someday!

Be sure to also catch Taxi Driver 2, currently available for streaming on Viu as well.

Thank you VIUSG for the invite!

Article by : Nurul
Photos by: Yu Shan

EPIK HIGH Is Here: Asia Pacific Tour 2022 – Singapore

Get your ‘Champagne’ on and enter the alluring world of South Korean alternative hip hop veterans, EPIK HIGH! CK Star Entertainment is proud to present and announce their Asia Pacific Tour 2022, spanning stops in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Jakarta and more to be announced. Epik High will be the first KPOP act that will be touring APAC since the pandemic. 

Fresh from their 2nd fiery appearance at Coachella 2022 and a slew of 28 sold out shows on their North American tour, the eclectic trio is back on familiar shores. Fans in Singapore can rejoice at the good fortune of being the first Southeast Asian stop in the Asia Pacific leg of the tour for one night only, staged at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Grand Ballroom on Saturday, 9th July 2022

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