Jessica Jung shares her inspiration behind her collections at the Singapore Press Conference for the launch of Blanc & Eclare Denim Collection in collaboration with Salon by Surrender


Singapore  Jessica Jung met up with the media for an exclusive press conference on August 27 held at Salon by Surrender, Marina Bay Sands, to talk about the launch of her Blanc & Eclare Denim Collection. Jessica gave insights on what inspires her fashion collection, the pros of being independent and what is in store for the future of Blanc & Eclare.

Wearing her favourite piece from her collection, a sailor-inspired white top, Jessica encompasses the motto “less is more”. She stresses that being understated describes her brand well. The reason behind her denim collection was simple. It is because she love denim. Jessica shared, “My favourite piece from the collection is the high-waisted jeans. It comes with two colors and it has a very nice fit, especially for Asian ladies and is super comfortable.”

When asked what her inspiration for her collection was, she simply exclaimed “Travelling! I love traveling and looking at the different cultures. Different colors from different places really help.” She also shared that the different styles from her sunglasses collection are from different cities. “For example, Paris has a more chic and elegant feel, hence the cat-eye frames. While Shanghai is more suited for round frames.” Jessica even joked that a design inspired by Singapore might even come out soon!

Jessica-12Jessica, who separated from popular girl group Girls’ Generation last year, just began working alone on her new fashion line Blanc & Eclare a few months ago and commented on the pros of working independently. “You can make decisions on your own and you are also able to work very closely with your team.” She also added that it was easier to communicate and share ideas with one another.

Not only is Jessica a well-known singer turned creative designer, she is also well-known to be the sister of idol, Krystal Jung, who is a member of f(x). These sisters even had their own variety show “On Style” where they share their everyday moments and occasionally talked about fashion. Hence, it is no surprise when Jessica shared that “Krystal have always been giving me input throughout my journey as a designer. She has been given me advice and it would be like that continuously.”

Jessica also shares that she values comfiness the most in her designs. It is important for her that people who buy her designs are comfortable in it. This shows how, even as a new creative director, she still manage to show how she prioritise the comfort of the people who wore her clothes as compared to the visuals of her design.

Jessica then ended off the press conference by concluding that she would love to work with other artists in the future and hope that everyone supports Blanc & Eclare.

This is the first time Creative Director, Jessica Jung came to Singapore to promote her new brand Blanc & Eclare. We hope that she continues to expand her brand and maybe eventually open up her own fashion store all over Asia. I’m sure lots of fans and fashion-enthusiast would look forward to that one day.

Article written by: Ayuni
Photos taken by: Hui Ling

We would like to thank Salon by Surrender for the invitation to this media conference.


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