BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore – A beautiful reunion that was anything more than just Ordinary


Singapore – On 24 September 2015, South Korean top idol boy group, BEAST reunited with local fans at Suntec Convention Centre Hall at BEAST ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet in Singapore. The 3 year wait was indeed worth it as fans were treated to an unforgettable night of amazing vocals, visuals and fanservice! In fact, in contrast to the name of their fanmeet, the beautiful reunion between BEAST and Singapore B2UTIES was anything more than just ‘Ordinary’.

Kicking off their fanmeet on a high note, the sextet gave an enthusiastic performance of YeY, their recent hit track off their 8th mini album and followed up with Good Luck and 12:30. Their ability to sing live while executing their (pretty challenging) dance moves shines through their stages. Fans broke out into fanchants as the band continues to hype up the crowd. Cheers amplified as lead vocalist, Yang Yoseob, effortlessly delivered his high notes perfectly.

After their performance, the boys settled down on stage for a short Q&A session and game segment.

Debuting in 2009, BEAST represents one of the more successful idol boy groups in the industry, with a large and growing solid fanbase worldwide. In their recent comeback, Yoseob shared that they received a lot of support from fans worldwide and is very grateful for the delicious food from fans. Over the years, they prove their versatility as artists. Notably, their individual colours have also become more prominent as they get involve in solo activities – performing in musicals, acting, solo debuts etc. When asked on the pros and cons of working as a team versus solo, rapper, Yong Junhyung shared that working solo has allow them to gain new exposure and knowledge and working as a team means quality time with team members. Yoseob also shared that BEAST is always working hard to show the different colours of the team. He especially pointed out the youngest member, Son Dongwoon, for his hardwork.

2015-09-252The first game in the fanmeet tested the band’s knowledge of our sunny island. Using the number cards (1-4) to represent their answers and help from fans, the members compete amongst themselves to get the highest score. Leader, Yoon Doojoon ended up with the last position and his punishment – a slap on the wrist by each member. Visual, Lee Gikwang, was clearly very happy for the opportunity and teased both fans and Doojoon by attempting to soothe the pain first by blowing on it prior to his hit. After getting hit by the other members, Jang Hyunseung, the last member to hit, decided to let him off with a light hit, causing the crowd to echo in aww.

At the halfway mark of the event, fans were serenaded with emotional ballad track, On Rainy Days. As part of a fan event, the crowd became one and an ocean of bright white lights filled the hall. A beautiful sight indeed – with the fans singing along while swaying their lightsticks to the beat. Just as the atmosphere started to feel slightly mellow, BEAST turn the tables and did two upbeat numbers – I think I love you and Special. Colourful stage lights were on point, in matching terms with the fun atmosphere!

Prior to the fanmeet, 6 passionate fans were chosen on site to participate in a fan game with BEAST. The Whisper game requires a fan to guess a local song hummed by each member of BEAST within the shortest time. In this segment, Doojoon was paired with a fan from Hong Kong. As the fan struggled to guess the song, Doojoon whined and said “She’s from Hong Kong!!! She don’t know Singaporean song!! Aishhh!”, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter. Gikwang was also caught in a similar situation as he got partnered with a Malaysian fan. It felt homely when fans sang along to local hit tracks such as Home, Reach for the Skies and Oh Singapore. Being the youngest in the group, Dongwoon cheekily tried to distract the other members by singing to popular Frozen soundtrack number, Let it go. Ultimately, Junhyung couple won and the lucky fan got to take a photo with the star as a gift. The other fans did not go off empty handed too as they receive hugs and handshakes with the band, making the crowd go frenzy with envy.


It was then back to singing as they delivered a stellar performance of Shock and Shadow! The crowd were all hyped up, and jumping to the beat as the band once again charismatically executed their choreography with commendable vocals. Before they wrap up the stage with Beautiful, they took the chance to say a few words of appreciation to the fans.

Together, BEAST shared that they are so happy to be back in Singapore after a 3 years hiatus. Dongwoon apologized for making fans wait for three years and expressed his gratefulness for the warm welcome by fans.

While giving his trademark eyesmile, Gikwang exclaimed, “I had a lot of fun tonight! It’s going to be unforgettable. 3 years is really long and I’m so glad that all of you welcome us. I just cannot control my laughter now. I’m just so so happy!”. Junhyung chose to give a short cute speech in English. He said, “Me and many fans very happy tonight. You guys are very awesome and beautiful and lovely and cute. Next time we come to Singapore, we (will) have (a) concert. Okay? Thank You”. Hyunseung ended off the speech by sharing his hopes for BEAST to have more opportunities to come back to Singapore in the future.


They ended the night proper with an encore performance of How to Love and Encore. During How to Love, fans raised up the banner “우리 더 고마워”, which means “We are more thankful”, expressing their thankful heart for the presence of their favourite boy band.

Three years is indeed a long wait and it was heartwarming to see both the fans and BEAST genuinely thankful and grateful for the opportunity to watch and perform respectively in Singapore. While BEAST felt sorry for the long wait and thankful for the warm welcome, the fans felt even more thankful than ever to be there, watching them live again.

A night of a beautiful reunion, indeed.

Article by: Nur Shazlina
Photos by: Carmen Tan

We would like to thank Three Angles Group Management for the invitation to this event.

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