EXO’s Successful Concert in Guangzhou

3 광저우 공연에서 멋진 무대 선사하는 엑소Photo credits: Media Asia 

On 17th October 2015, popular South Korean boy band EXO met 10,000 fans at their concertEXO PLANET #2 The EXOluXion in GUANGZHOU」which was held at Guangzhou International Sports Arena.  

On that night, EXO started the concert with ‘Overdose’, followed by numerous hits songs of theirs such as ‘MAMA’, ‘Growl’, ‘Call Me Baby’ and ‘Love Me Right’, capturing the hearts of all the fans who were present at the concert.

EXO expressed their reluctance to part with the fans when the concert came to an end and both EXO and EXO-L made a pact to meet again the following year.

Guangzhou fans had put in a lot of effort and preparation for this concert. Using red lights, the fans formed the word ‘EXO forever’, to show their never ending love and support for the EXO members. Upon noticing the fan project prepared by the fans, EXO-M member, Lay, requested the staff to turn off the lights so that all the members could see the fan project clearly. All the members of EXO were greatly moved when they saw the fan project, especially when all the fans proceeded to chant “EXO forever”.

Chanyeol then ended the concert by saying, “The concert ended too quickly and I wished we could perform more songs for you guys! Autumn has arrived and the weather is getting colder so please do take care of yourselves! Dont catch a cold!”. D.O then added, “I feel really happy and blessed today! You (fans) are my motivation! 我愛你們!(translation: I love you guys!)”.

1 광저우 공연에서 멋진 무대 선사하는 엑소Photo credits: Media Asia 

2 광저우 공연에서 멋진 무대 선사하는 엑소Photo credits: Media Asia 


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