BEAST ‘Beautiful Show’ China Tour 2015-2016

Beast in china

China, 2015 – BEAST will be commencing their China Tour ‘BEAST Beautiful Show China Tour 2015-2016’ really soon and they will be visiting 4 cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu. Shanghai will be their first stop for this upcoming China Tour and it is scheduled to be on December 6th 2015 at the Shanghai International Gymnastic Center. Tickets for this stop are priced at RMB 1380, RMB 980, RMB 680 and RMB 480. According to BEAST, this china tour will retain several contents from ‘2015 Beautiful Show’ in Seoul, and also new stage elements exclusively designed to suit mainland fans.

Since their debut in 2009, BEAST has been setting numerous records; they sold 107,006 copies of their mini album in 2010, becoming the only rookie artists in 2010 to accumulate more than 100,000 albums in album sales. In their second year after debuting, their popularity and were recognised during the ‘Golden Disc Awards’ and ‘Seoul Music Awards.’ In mid 2014, BEAST released, ‘Good Lucky’ and ’12:30′. Both songs managed to obtain good results on both music chart and music shows, once again proving BEAST’s popularity among the public. This year, BEAST released new songs ‘일하러 가야 돼’ and ‘YeY’ which also topped charts and received good results in music shows.

Following ‘2015 Beautiful Show’ in Hong Kong and Taiwan, BEAST held their Seoul concert on 29th August this year at the Seoul Olympic Park. This concert, which lasted for 2.5 hours, was attended by more than 10,000 fans and BEAST sang ‘YeY’, ‘Dance with You’, ‘일하러 가야 돼’, ‘Rainy Days’, ’12:30′, ‘Beautiful Night’, along with many new and popular hit songs. With boundless enthusiasm and energy, BEAST conquered the stage that night.


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