[Photo Coverage] Shinhwa Tencent Kpop Live Concert – November 2015

Part 2 IMG_0283IMG_0867IMG_0438IMG_0480IMG_5516IMG_1283IMG_1018IMG_0846IMG_1293IMG_0049IMG_0131IMG_1047IMG_0777IMG_0326IMG_0840IMG_0483IMG_0211IMG_1491IMG_1644IMG_0236IMG_0099IMG_0144IMG_0180IMG_0237IMG_0854IMG_0074IMG_1450IMG_1689IMG_0205IMG_0884IMG_1631IMG_0783IMG_5522IMG_0145IMG_0461IMG_0075IMG_0377


For higher resolution images, visit : https://flic.kr/s/aHskpGXy9k

We would like to thank Cantara Global for the invitation to cover this event.


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