EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in MACAU

20151121-AM4A7056Photo credits: Media Asia

Macau, 2015 – Korean Kpop boy group EXO held their concert ‘EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion – in MACAU’ at CotaiArena in Macau on 11 November 2015. They kicked off the concert with Overdose, followed by their several of their hit songs MAMA, Wolf, Call me baby, Love me right, winning the heart of the fans present.

It was EXO’s first time in Macau and the members were really excited about their visit and performance. One day before the concert, they requested 3 coaches from the management and hoped to be able to tour Macau’s famous scenic spots. EXO’s Leader Suho told the fans: ‘We have seen Macau’s beautiful scenery and it is as beautiful as you, our fans.’

20151121-AM4A7028Photo credits: Media Asia

Macau’s fans prepared an event to celebrate member Chan Yeol‘s birthday in advance, which was originally on November 27. Everyone sang Happy birthday Song to him and he replied :’I’m very touched! Breathing the air together in Macau seems especially refreshing!’.

Other than holding up the slogan that has ‘ Happy Birthday Chanyeol’, the fans held a specially printed ‘ Lets hold hands and walk together’ slogan as well. Every member from EXO learnt the Chinese pronunciation of the words from Lay and recited it, making some fans tear.

20151121-AM4A7128Photo credits: Media Asia

Sehun, who was actively learning Mandarin spoke to the fans in Chinese, ‘I have always wanted to visit Macau, now that i am here, I’m really happy. Being here for the first time i realize it is really beautiful and I hope to spent a beautiful day with everyone.’ The fans screamed when they heard it. Baekhyun who was listening at the side kept on saying in Mandarin: ‘Am i Right? Am i Right?’ and added on,’ I always see MCs saying Am i right, am i right, so I picked that up’.

Lay, who was wearing sunglasses the whole night during the concert said apologetically: ‘I had sore(bad) eyes thus i am wearing sunglasses during performance. I hope everyone will forgive me! We will be releasing our album in December, which the members have really worked hard to prepare for. Hope that everyone will support us!’

20151121-AM4A7062Photo credits: Media Asia


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