SGKstar 2015 BTOB ‘I Mean’ Fan Meeting in Singapore

BTOB Group-1

Singapore, 2015 – The SGKStar week kickstarted with a BTOB fan meeting to much fanfare and celebration from the crowd. After three long, long years, Singapore Melodies were finally able to welcome back the boys to the shore, and the boys were definitely glad to be back on their part.

Decked in varying styles of a suited blue and black ensemble, BTOB started off with one of their leading singles, “Wow”, before introducing themselves. The boys were really happy with the fans’ welcomes, and everyone loved it when Sungjae shared that filming for his drama had wrapped up, so that he has more time for group activities.

Other songs that were performed were “Beep Beep”, “Insane”, and “Second Confession”. Fans went crazy during “Like A Crystal” when the boys started throwing roses and teddy bears into the crowd as keepsakes for those who are good at catching moving objects.

One of the major highlights was when the boys competed to see who could make the best face for whichever expression that the emcees gave. We loved all the boys’ funny faces, especially Eunkwang and Changsub’s faces.

BTOB Eunkwang-7 Fans were asked to write their wishes into little paper hearts, which the boys drew out and lucky fans walked away with hugs, selfies, and even a sandwich hug with all the boys of BTOB! Sungjae even acted drunk with a Japanese, and Ilhoon got a little jealous that Hyungsik gave a backhug to a fan wearing a shirt with his name emblazoned on the back.

Of course the boys had to sacrifice a little bit to put on a show for us, and we complied by letting Peniel film a short selfie for his nephew’s birthday, which he had to give a miss. Naw, Peniel addressing his nephew certainly tugged at our heartstrings, especially when he promised to talk more to his nephew later.

Ilhoon attempted at being an emcee with Dee Kosh and Chris (hoping to get back onto Weekly Idol huh) and went around parroting what they said. In the end he just gave up and complimented Sungjae’s hair.

BTOB Ilhoon-2

Hyunsik also managed to put his Chinese to good use, and greeted the fans in Chinese, saying that he was really happy to be here in Singapore. He even asks if the fans could understand him and even expresses his interest in coming back to Singapore again.

BTOB Hyunsik-5 Encore is no longer an impromptu thing, so everyone was chanting “Bogo-pa” in anticipation for the truly last song. BTOB rounded off with their classic encore song, “Shake It” to hype the fans up for the hi-touch session that happened right after!

BTOB Minhyuk-6

Eunkwang has promised that he would be back to Singapore, and Melodies would definitely hold him to that! Ilhoon also asked Melodies, “Please wait for us, beautiful ladies and gentleman. Love you all.” Love you too Ilhoon, and we will be waiting for you to come back!

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Article by: Michelle
Photos by: HY

We would like to thank Three Angles Group for the invitation to cover this event.



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