SGKstar2015 DAY6 Fan Meet in Singapore


Singapore, 2015 – Rookie fusion boy band and idols DAY6 came to Singapore for their first ever fan meeting! We are really blessed that we got to see the boys on their second overseas gig, and the energy was certainly quite high in the concert hall.

Not only are the boys in a group, they all can play instruments as well! Even if they can’t dance, playing the guitar and drums is equally dashing. Despite being only three months old (DAY6 debuted in September!), a lot of fans showed up at the airport, giving the boys a delightful surprise.

The boys started off with, “Out of My Mind”, before moving onto other songs like “Habits” and “Colors”. The song that everyone was waiting for came at the end, which was “Congratulations”, which was also a song that Sungjae from BTOB kept singing the previous night at his own fan meeting!

We got a little laugh as DAY6 showed us their drawing skills in a game with fans! Jae was outraged with Wonpil’s drawing. Dowoon and Junhyeok could draw really well too, but seeing the boys’ confused faces was hilarious enough.

The boys also played another game where fans had to guess which member whispered in their ear.


A special VCR of DAY6 when they were younger was played, and everyone celebrated Young K’s birthday as a cake was brought onto the stage. The whole hall sang Happy Birthday which resonated all around, as Young K exclaimed “You guys are amazing, do you know that?” We’ll take it that he was really pleased!

Young K was especially high today, and the reason emerged as he shared that his family flew all the way here just to watch his performance. It wasn’t just any performance, but the very first one that his father is attending.

Jae thanked everyone for coming in his sultry accent in English as a result for having lived in California before, and rocked that nerdy look or his with his round specs. Leader-nim Sungjin also thanked the fans; “We really appreciate the love. We will continue working harder.”

DAY6 ended the night with a mashup of songs, including Bruno MarsRunaway Baby” and “Grenade”. We wish the boys a good long career, and look forward to their future songs. Maybe they might even return for a second fan meeting?

For more photos of DAY6 at their very first fan meeting in Singapore, do check out:

Article by: Michelle

We would like to thank Three Angles Production for the invitation to cover this event.

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