GOT7 successfully concludes 1st Concert ‘FLY in HONG KONG’

GOT7 Group-1Hong Kong, 2016 – ‘Put them up’ was the opening song for GOT7’s ‘Fly in Hong Kong Concert and fans waved their green heart-shaped balloon and light sticks excitedly to the rhythm of the song; a great sight to see at the concert.

The moment the intro of the ‘Girls Girls Girls’ was played, huge screams echoed through the hall. Mark performed a side ‘cartwheel’ and Jackson followed through with a backwards somersault.

At this point of the concert, the atmosphere was incredible and Jackson starts to converse in Cantonese with the fans and it seems like he cant stop! Mark carried on saying that they will be performing ‘Back To Me’ next, bringing the concert’s atmosphere to a new high. During the performance of ‘A’, the members moved towards the extension stage, attempting to have closer interactions with the fans!

During the self-introduction segment, the members first introduced themselves as GOT7 using Cantonese and each of them introduced themselves using mandarin.
GOT7 members even teased Jackson with Cantonese! GOT7’s leader, JB, used Mandarin to address all the fans, mentioning that they have not been in Hongkong for some time. Jackson who is from Hong Kong, was requested by the fans to speak Cantonese he mentioned that this is GOT7’s first solo concert in Hong Kong. Junior also thanked the fans who attended their showcase in Hong Kong last year. BamBam asked if the fans are hot because he felt that the performance attire and the concert is making him very hot! Mark then asked Yugyeom how he is feeling at the moment and he replied with: ‘Great!’ in perfect Cantonese, receiving cheers from the fans!

GOT7-2The most anticipated performance of the night was definitely when GOT7 was dressed in girl’s group costume and performed ‘Me Gustas Tu’ originally by GFriend and ‘Dumb Dumb’ by Red Velvet.

During VCR interaction segment, random fans will be selected and shown on the big screen and they have to dance together with them. The cameraman found Jackson’s parents and they danced along to a small part of ‘Home Run’ as well!

After the VCR, GOT7 appeared in blue suits with white inner T-shirt. With a ‘school attire’ they performed ‘Fly’ for the fans.

During ‘Home Run’, everyone started to sing along withe GOT7 and confetti started falling. Before encore, GOT7 performed ‘Confession Song’ and Hong Kong artiste Beyond’s ‘I Like You’. This song was enjoyed by everyone present and it was a little present that GOT7 prepared for Hong Kong fans.

Before they the end of the concert, each member began sharing their thoughts and feelings to conclude the concert –

GOT7 Mark-12
Mark : Everyone, please do come to our next concert!

GOT7 Jackson-1
Jackson: We are honoured hold a concert in Hong Kong. It has been my dream since the first day I went to Korea. (PS. He even cracked a joke saying that next time it will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum.)
GOT7 Junior-3
Junior: See you at the next concert!
JB: We love you guys!
GOT7 Bambam-2
Bambam: Thank you so much for supporting GOT7, I promise to become better next time and I will try my best for you guys!
GOT7 Youngjae-1
Yongjae: I feel very fortunate. I want to come to Hong Kong again!
GOT7 Yugyeom-3
Yugyeom : Hope to see you guys again very soon!

Before the end of the concert, GOT7 sang a remix version of ‘Fly’. Mark and Jackson also wore the Pokemon costumes that the fans had prepared for them.

Article content by: Andrea
Photos by: Lam Chak Ho

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