GFRIEND is full of love for their fans at LOL Showcase in Singapore

GFriend Group-3

Singapore, 2016 – It was a memorable night filled with laughter and smiles at ‘GFRIEND L.O.L Singapore Showcase 2016′ last Saturday, 3rd September 2016. Fans enthusiastically filled the arena with pink light sticks and fan banners as they geared themselves up for the show. This marks GFRIEND‘s first visit to Singapore and they sure did not disappoint their fans as they put on a 2-hour long show filled with amazing vocals, fan service and entertainment!

Simply dressed in uniformed pink tops and plaid skirts, GFRIEND exuded youthfulness as they opened the show with their debut song, Glass Bead. Cheers amplified as main vocalist, Yuju belt out the high notes with ease. Captivating the crowd with their powerful dance moves and strong vocals, the sextet went on to perform Luv Star (사랑별), a track off their 3rd EP – Snowflake.

Despite having a translator on stage to aid the language barrier, the members decided to introduce themselves in English – cueing cheers from the fans. Noticeably, the youngest member, Umji seems to be the most fluent and often conversed in English on stage.

Before their mini concert, the group sat down for a short questionnaire and game segment. Series of images depicting their past activities were shown on screen, with one of it being a picture of Eunha as a participant of MBC King of Masked Singer. Deservingly of the title lead vocalist, Eunha confidently acceded to the emcee request to sing the song she performed on the show. Her sweet vocals resonated across the hall as she sang Je t`aime. Later, the group impressed the crowd once again as they danced to Rough at twice the speed of the original.

GFriend Group-2

GFRIEND had nothing but compliments for their fans – Buddy, crediting them for almost everything that amounts to who they are today. Speaking in English, Umji shared, “Our membership (chemistry between the members and fans) and friendship is very important. And I think we’re doing very well. We’re family!”.

There were plenty of funny episodes during the staring game between a GFRIEND member and a fan. An instance was when a fan photobombed the screen and caused the group and audience to erupt in laughter with his funny gestures. Yuju even acted as if she was in a melodrama as she tried to distract her competitor. Both GFRIEND and Buddies were indeed a good sport that night!

Later, they went on to perform hit tracks Rough and Me Gustas Tu and tracks off their recent album which includes One, White, Mermaid and Gone with the Wind. Mood maker Sowon hyped up the crowd as she cues the crowd to cheer. Since their debut, they have been consistently sticking to their youthful and powerful concept. Despite their challenging and intricate choreography, they showed no signs of fatigue and instead, continued to set the mood higher. The light works were on point and made the stage even more visually appealing.

Before wrapping up the stage with Navillera, Sowon appealed to the fans to sing and danced along with them. Of course, the fans were more than happy to do so and soon, the crowd roared and sang along. Vocalist Yerin shared that having this showcase made her recall memories of the past times they went through as a group and felt thankful to their fans for everything.

During their encore stage with Sunshine, fans held up banners “Always your Buddy” – showing their everlasting support for the group.

Both fans and the group left the hall with a full heart that night.

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Article by: Shaz

‘2016 GFriend L.O.L Showcase in Singapore’ is proudly organised by Three Angles Production and we would like to thank them for the media accreditation of this event.


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