DEAN 130 Mood: TRBL Autograph Session in Singapore


Singapore, 2016 – On 14 September, rising South-Korean R&B singer DEAN held his very first Singapore autograph session, as part of his debut EP 130 Mood: TRBL promotion tour.

Although better known for his collaborative tracks with big names such as Dok2 and Taeyeon, the 23-year old singer sure has wowed many hearts with his musical talents and soulful charm. With a meek smile, Dean appeared on stage to greet his fans. He described his fans in Singapore as passionate and further complimented that he had enjoyed his dimsum the previous night.


Clad in jeans and a chic khaki coat, the R&B singer surprised his fans with a total of 4 songs. It was the first time Singapore fans heard him sing live and his charm was undeniable. He started off with Put My Hands on You, followed closely by his favourite track, 21. With vocals like his, it’s not hard to see why he’s the new hotshot. During his third song I’m not Sorry, Dean was not afraid to show what he’s got and what it takes to be a performer. A simple hand gesture or a sultry look from him would be enough to garner shrills from the crowd. The cheers then went wild when he jumped off the stage to tease and hug his fans. He wrapped up the short but impressive performance off with D (Half Moon).


Throughout the autograph session, Dean kept a warm smile on his face and remained good-natured to the lucky fans who were able to meet him up close.

This Korean R&B artist may be a newcomer in the music scenes, but he definitely is one to keep a lookout for.

For more photos of DEAN at this event:

We would like to thank Universal Music Singapore for the invitation to cover this event!

Article by: Yining

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