Lee Jong Suk shares his plans for the New Year

lee-jong-suk-15Singapore, 2016 – The rising actor Lee Jong Suk came to Singapore for his first ever fan meeting in the country. Not only is this his first fan meeting, it is also his first time in Singapore. He started off the press conference with a shy smile as he posed for the cameras. When asked how he is feeling, he exclaimed, “The weather is fantastic today so I’m feeling great!”.

He shared the reason for choosing Singapore as one of his tour spots as a chance to be closer to the fans here since he has not been here before. He, however, expressed disappointment, “I have asked my staff if I could stay here longer but because of my tight schedule I can’t spend so long in Singapore.”.

It is no surprise that first-timers in Singapore are always excited to try the chili crab. He shared, “My manager says the chili crab here is very famous, so I’m going to try it.”

His recent movie, “W – Two Worlds” garnered so much love and interest that it reflects just how popular Lee Jong Suk is in the acting world. He shared some difficulties that he faced while shooting the drama, “I sweat a lot and the drama was shot during the summer season so it was really very hot.”.


Even though he has a tight schedule, there are two friends that he would always keep in touch with – Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Woo Bin. The friendship between these three is already well known among many. He even shared about a recent call he had with best friend, Kim Woo Bin, “I’m even having a meal with him after I’m back from Singapore.

Not only is Lee Jong Suk famous for his acting, he is also well-known for his really fair skin. When asked what his secret is, he laughed and shook his head. “There is no particular secret but I try to avoid the sun whenever I can.”

It might not be known to some, but the famous actor Lee Jong Suk actually started off his career as a model. Recently he has even collaborated with his friends for a fashion design much to the delight of some. He, however, explained that there are not exciting plans for the future. “I’m now focused on my acting career but maybe in the future, if an opportunity arise.”

 Right after the filming of his recent drama “W – Two Worlds” has ended, he signed a new movie that is now in the midst of filming. For the first time, Lee Jong Suk is acting as a villain from North Korea that cannot sense emotion. He expressed his excitement playing the character as it is his first time.


Since the new year is less than 2 months away, a question was asked about his plans for the new year. He shows off his workaholic side by saying, “I can’t afford to have special plans since I’m shooting a movie. So I guess my biggest plan as of yet is to film the movie well.”.

Lee Jong Suk then ended off the press conference by thanking his fans, “Thank you for waiting for me all this time and I was waiting to meet all of you too!” He even jokingly added, “To my media friends, please write good things about me!”.

Lee Jong Suk is having a fan meeting “VARIETY” to meet his fans for the first time ever in Singapore.

We would like to thank IME Singapore for the invite to Lee Jong Suk’s Press Conference for “VARIETY” in Singapore 2016.


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