Lee Jong Suk spends quality time with his fans at his first ever fan meeting in Singapore

lee-jong-suk-fan-meet-1Photo credits: IME Singapore

Singapore, 2016 – Korean heartthrob Lee Jong Suk held his first Singapore fan meeting titled “VARIETY” on 12 November 2016. Over the 1.5 hours fan meet, Jong Suk answered many questions about himself and his most recent drama, “W – Two Worlds”, played games with his fans as well as sang 4 songs. 

Like his character, Kang Chul, from the drama “W – Two Worlds“, Jong Suk looked as though he has stepped out of a comic book, gracing his long-awaiting fans with his stunning good looks and bright smiles. He started the fan meeting with warm greetings in both Korean and Mandarin. The first question the MC asked him was one that cannot be missed for celebrities visiting the sunny island, “what are some Singapore food you have tried and enjoyed?” And like almost every Korean celebrities before him, he had named the most famous Singapore delicacy – Chili Crab. 

Given the popularity of “W – Two Worlds“, it was no surprise that the MC requested Jong Suk to reenact classic scenes from the drama, one of which was the wink that took place in Episode 1. Not one to disappoint his fans, Jong Suk complied and no doubt stole the hearts of many young girls, before he shyly uttered a “그만해 (please stop)”, pleading with his fans not to request that of him again. When asked about his preparation and thoughts on portraying an Olympic Air Rifle Gold Medalist, Jong Suk surprised everyone by sharing that he did not spend too much time practicing shooting. The hardest part about filming the shooting scenes was that the rifle was much heavier than he had expected. He also shared tips with fans interested in picking up Air Rifle Shooting that the most important thing is to stay focused.  

Through a video prepared beforehand, fans were granted exclusive snippets of Jong Suk’s normal daily life, from him lying on his bed with his lovable pet dog named Lion, a poodle he had gotten 1 year back. Jong Suk shared that he usually have a good appetite. However, he is keeping it under control for the time being and his diet these days consist mainly of Tofu Steaks, Chicken Breast, and Sweet Potato. This is at the request of his new movie director for him to lose weight. While fans may feel a little worried to hear about his diet restriction, they are definitely looking forward to seeing more of his works. The MC went on to ask Jong Suk about his pet dog and we learned that the poodle was named “Lion” as he reminded Jong Suk of a baby lion when they first met. His deep affection for his dog is shown as he expressed regret at not being able to spend more time with Lion due to his busy filming schedule. 

No fan meeting would be complete without games and up-close interactions with fans. The first game tonight was for Jong Suk to share his ideal type. And listen up, girls, the qualities that our heartthrob value are intelligence and a strong sense of perseverance. Fans also had the chance to join Jong Suk as he picked out each physical features of his ideal type: face shape, eyes, nose, lips, and hairstyle. The exciting part came when the camera turned to the audience and helped Jong Suk select 3 fans that resembled his ideal type. One of them was invited onstage, where she was serenaded by Jong Suk and also received a big gift. 

More games were played and 3 lucky fans were selected to go on stage where they had the chance to pick a “card” on the screen that will reveal the lucky service they will receive from Jong Suk. Each of the cards shows a task from the Dating Book used in the drama “W – Two Worlds“. The first lucky fan drew the card “Lee Jong Suk Hugs Fan From The Back”. Jong Suk again drew laughter from the crowd as he coughed out a manly “I’m ready” when the MC was checking on the lucky fan. The second lucky fan got a selfie with Jong Suk on her handphone while the third lucky fan received a 30 seconds shoulder massage.

The rest of the fans were not neglected as well as Jong Suk walked around the stage to give photo time to everyone, making cute poses as he moved across the stage. Throughout this fan meeting, Jong Suk showed a different side to his cool, manly image from his drama, shrugging his shoulders shyly, biting his lips and his nervous laughs. But all of these only made him even more endearing to his fans who can only patiently await the next time he graces our sunny island with his presence again. Till next time! Annyeong!

Article by: Jia Min
Edited by: Ayuni

We would like to thank IME Singapore for the invitation to this fan meet!

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