Se7en’s meet up with media and fans in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2016 – Se7en, who is renown for his dancing skills, was in Hong Kong on 20th November to promote his new album. After setting up his own company ‘eleven nine’ last year, he has been promoting and actively developing his career. His latest album ‘I am Se7en’ is his very first album after setting up his own company. 
Upon reaching the venue, Se7en greeted the media and fans very warmly and was able to converse using simple Cantonese.

This latest mini-album of Se7en contained many of his own ideas and was the first time where he participated in all the songs of an album, composing and writing lyrics for them. The title song, ‘Give it to me’ received good response after it was released in October this year. When prompted to sing a few lines of ‘Give it to me‘, he did it without hesitation, to the delight of the media and fans present. Se7en also mentioned that the song, ‘I’m good’, is a song written for the fans who have been patiently waiting for him all these while.

When asked on whether if he has any plans to release an album with Chinese songs, he commented that he is working hard to master the  language. Se7en also mentioned that he is looking forward to eat seafood in Hong Kong. Amidst the questions, he also told the media that he is considering to recruit new artists to his company in the near future and may have plans to organise a recruitment/audition in Hong Kong.

It is indeed a pity that Se7en is unable to perform for Hong Kong fans this time round and he hope that there will be a chance to do so in the near future.

From the way Se7en looked and interacted with fans present, you are able to see the close relationship he has with his fans.

舞蹈天王Se7en早前11月20號為他的新專輯來到了香港,為專輯開發佈會造勢。自去年自組了經紀公司eleven nine後,Se7en更積極發展他的演藝事業。新專輯I am Se7en是他自組公司後第一張專輯,所以特別隆重其事。一上台Se7en就用廣東話打招呼,還能做簡單的對答,十分親切。

這張迷你專輯有許多Se7en自己的構思,也是他第一次參與了整張碟所有的作曲和作詞,當中的歌曲有R&B,pop,funk,dance等曲風。主打歌give it to me在上個月推出後立即成為熱話,是一首有活力的歌曲。發佈會上司儀請Se7en現場唱幾句(give it to me)時,Se7en也是有求必應(更用手指邊打節拍邊唱),令台下的媒體和粉絲十分開心。Se7en還特別告訴大家,專輯𥚃I’m good這首歌是寫給等了他好久的粉絲。



Article and photo by: Chan Po Ching

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