Suzy charms media and fans at Didier Dubot fan meet in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2016 – Jewelry brand DIDIER DUBOT, invited Suzy to Hong Kong on 29th November for an exclusive meet and greet at one of Didier Dubot’s store a Hysan place.
Being the spokesperson of this brand, it is evident that she brought out the accessories’ elegance and beauty while wearing the brand’s latest line, Signature D.

During the fan meet, she shared her excitement and her thoughts of being the spokesperson, as well as how she was awed by the numerous eye catching accessories that Didier Dubot has to offer. Numerous fans crowded in and around the store just to catch a glimpse of her and she expressed her gratitude for the all the support the fans gave her.

 More photos of Suzy at this event:

Photos by: Johnathan


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