Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung graced the launching of tvN Movies in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – Korea’s leading entertainment conglomerate, CJ E&M, has announced the launch of its latest venture in Singapore – tvN Movies – world’s FIRST & ONLY Korean Blockbuster movie channel, on 11 January 2017 at 11 am (SGT) via StarHub TV (Ch. 818).

To celebrate the launch, tvN Movies has prepared a series of launch activities which includes the preview of The Age of Shadows, Star tour of MASTER with attendance of Gang Dong-won & Kim Woo-bin and finally the Grand Launch of tvN Movies with the appearance of Yeo Jin-goo and Shim Eun-kyung.


Rising actors Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung graced the launching of tVN’s new project, tVN Movies in Singapore. tVN Movies aims to bring latest movies as well as old classic movies all in one channel for the viewers.

It is well known that both of them started acting at a very young age, having started their career as child actor/actress. When asked if it has always been his dream to be an actor, Yeo Jin Goo shared, “It wasn’t really my dream when I was young, but growing up watching a lot of movies and dramas I thought it’ll be good to be on screen.” Shim Eun Kyung also shared, “I’ve always wanted to try a lot of stuff. When I started acting when I was younger, it was quite enjoyable and so I decided to be an actress.”.


Having started acting at a young age, people wonder if they are used to the limelight. Yeo Jin Goo laughed and exclaimed, “I love the limelight!” Shim Eun Kyung on the other hand, was shy and explained, “I didn’t particularly pay attention to the limelight but I’m always very thankful when people look and recognize me.

It is always difficult for child actor/actress to shed the “child” image and become a full-fledged actor/actress. Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung face no exceptions. Shim Eun Kyung shared that the transition was very difficult for her. She shared, “I’m very thankful for all the opportunities I had and thankful that people notice my effort and appreciate it.” Yeo Jin Goo agreed that it was difficult for him as well. He added, “I look much older than my age so I think that helped me a bit.”


As both of them are in Singapore to promote tvN Movies, they share with the audience the strengths of South Korean movies and dramas and why viewers should watch it. Yeo Jin Goo explained, “One of the strengths could be that all the production staff has passion in what they produce!“ He also added, “There is also a wide range of genre of movies so you can pick what kind of movie you want to watch.”. Shim Eun Kyung elaborated, “We have blockbusters, traditional movies, so I hope all of you watch Korean movies!”


They then ended the press conference by sharing their upcoming projects in 2017. Shim Eun Kyung shared that she is starring in 3 movies that are set to be released sometime this year. She added, “I’m embarrassed that I’ll be releasing 3 movies in just one year but please support me and my co-actors!”. Yeo Jin Goo also has a movie set to be released this year. He elaborated, “The movie will have a very strong plot of Korean history so do check it out!”


They then ended the press conference by taking group pictures with lucky fans. Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung also had a short meet and greet session with the public in Suntec City later that night.

We would like to thank tvN Asia for the invite to attend tvN Movies Press Conference.

CJ E&M’s latest venture – tvN Movies, the FIRST & ONLY Korean Blockbuster movie channel, is launched in Singapore in January 2017 and expected to be followed by major Southeast Asian territories including Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2017. The service is in 100% HD quality on Pay TV, VOD, and OTT. tvN Movies has garnered First & Exclusive Pay TV Rights in Southeast Asia for the Top Grossing Korean films in 2016, namely, A Violent Prosecutor, The Age of Shadows, Inside Men, and Operation Chromite, specific territories apply. The five movies resulted in a combined gross box office of USD300 million and 43 million admissions in Korea alone. Other hit movies available on the channel include The Throne, A Man & A Woman, Time Renegades, Phantom Detective, One Way Trip, and Like for Likes. tvN Movies aims at giving an alternative choice of home cinema to the audience by featuring blockbuster and all-time favorite Korean movies in all genres round-the-clock.


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