FT Island rocked the stage at The Truth concert in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – It has been 10 years since F.T Island debut and they proved why they are still standing strong together! When it was announced that F.T Island would be coming to Singapore for their <The Truth> world tour, it had fans all excited after more than 3 years since their last concert in Singapore.

F.T Island, <The Truth> live in Singapore was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 11 which attracted a huge audience of all ages and gender. Jong Hoon, Hong Gi, Jae Jin, Seung Hyun and Min Hwan awed the crowd with their highly energized performance and perfect vocals. Not only is the concert full of amazing stages, they also made the fans laugh with their hilarious antics.

The moment the lights were dimmed, the fans screamed in delight and FT Island opened the concert with “Out of Love”. They performed several other hits like “I Hope”, “Freedom”, “Walking Dead” and much more. Not only do they prove how amazing there are performing difficult songs live, they also jogged back old memories as they performed acoustic versions of their songs from their first album to the amazement of the fans.


FT Island never failed to crack the audience up especially at their attempt to converse with the fans in Singlish, but hilariously failed. During the introductions, Hong Gi tried to incorporate Singlish but could not get the words right. With the help of his members and the fans, he finally managed to splurt out, “Alamak, so hot lah!” which definitely cracked the audience up.

In the middle of the concert, the members even manage to express their love for chili crab. “I can’t express the taste in words. I wish there was a similar taste like it in Korea!”, Hong Gi shared expressing his love for our local food. He also concluded that the chili crab and black pepper crab they had is the reason why his members are so full of energy during the concert. “Crab power!” the members exclaimed, causing another round of roaring laughter.


The concert is of course not all laughs and delight, as the members show off their sensitive side. Hong Gi apologized to the fans for not coming sooner and thanked everyone for waiting for 3 years for them. “For our tour this time round, we were quite worried about Singapore as it’s been a while since we came here. We wonder if people still remember us since its been a long time”, Hong Gi confessed.

They then rounded up the concert with “We Are” and fans raised up their fan-made banners while singing together with the boys, before ending their 2 hours long energetic and definitely full-of-life concert.


The whole concert experience was amazing as FT Island shows off their 10 years worth of experience up on stage. Their energy and ability to sing the songs perfectly still amaze me as well as all the fans present. It is no surprise that the fans keep wanting more and are already waiting for the next time FT Island comes to Singapore! Hopefully next time we would not have to wait for 3 years!

Special thanks to Red Spade Ventures for inviting Star Arena to cover FT Island “The Truth” in Singapore.

Image credits: Red Spade Ventures 

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