FT Island rocked the stage at The Truth concert in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – It has been 10 years since F.T Island debut and they proved why they are still standing strong together! When it was announced that F.T Island would be coming to Singapore for their <The Truth> world tour, it had fans all excited after more than 3 years since their last concert in Singapore.

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140307 F.T Island 6th Anniversary Live in Singapore Press Conference and Hi-Touch Session

Press Conference
F.T Island is finally back in Singapore! With smiles on their faces, all members of F.T Island greeted everyone as they walked into the room and sat down to prepare for the commencement of the press conference.

140307 FTI PRESSCON-3397

When asked about their thoughts and feelings about coming back to Singapore, Hongki said it felt good to be back and since Korea is currently really cold, it is good to be in a warm country for a change. He laughed and added that Singapore was however, too warm.

The members expressed their excitement and anticipation to meet Singapore Primadonna once again this year. F.T. Island also talked about their upcoming plans; their next album, which would consist of numerous inputs and ideas from the members and they hope that the audience will give their support and look forward to it.

140307 FTI PRESSCON-3343

F.T Island has debuted for 8 years till now. Being the first idol band in Korea, Hongki mentioned that they faced lots of obstacles during these years. Facing stereotypes from people, many questioned, with only instruments, how far can they really go?

But all the stereotypes and doubts turned out to be a challenge for them to overcome instead.

Lastly, to all females going for the concert, Hongki recommended them to come dressed in trainers and sneakers in order to fully enjoy the concert. Also to drink lots of water to keep themselves hydrated. Warning for sore arms and legs included and lets get crazy with F.T. Island at their concert!

Hi-Touch Session
Hours before the stipulated starting time of the hi-touch session, many fans had already gathered at the atrium of Square 2 to get a good spot and to prepare for the arrival of F.T Island. Fans came prepared with hand-made fan boards, cameras, banners and balloons, hoping to convey their support and love for their idols when they arrive.

FT Island Hi-Touch Session-1
When the members finally arrived, screams and shouts of the fans could be heard throughout the whole of Square 2. Passers-by who heard their screams were intrigued and joined the crowd. One by one, the fans went on stage to receive their hi-touch from the members. The members gave the each lucky fan a high five and thanked them for showing their support. When the hi-touch session ended, the members of F.T. Island thanked the crowd for their support before leaving the venue.

Thank you ONE production for the invite to cover this event.

Check out more pictures of the press conference here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stararena/sets/72157642686255955/