Lee Joon Gi would like to apologize to his fans in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – The rising actor of the new hit drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Lee Joon Gi was in Singapore for the first time for his <Thank You> Asia Tour live in Singapore. On 3rd March, Lee Joon Gi met up with the media for an exclusive press conference to talk more about his Asia Tour in Singapore.

As this was his first time in Singapore, he started off the press conference apologizing to his fans for not coming to Singapore any sooner. “The first thought that came to my mind when I was at the airport was, ‘Why didn’t I visit Singapore earlier?’ There were so many fans here, so I apologize for coming so late,” he confessed.

He even shared that before he went to Singapore for his Asia Tour, he was actually planning to come with his family for a short holiday after the tour. “After the fan meet, I planned to go various places with my family, like Sentosa, Universal Studios, Orchard Road, but unfortunately the plan didn’t work out,” he added relaying his regrets.


During his previous fan meets in different countries, he charmed his fans by performing covers of idols’ songs like Big Bang and TWICE’s songs. When asked if it was challenging preparing for that, he explained, “I enjoyed the whole process. It was a bit challenging because I was on stage and I wanted to prepare the best for my fans. It was a little tough but I still enjoyed it.”

When asked if he has any preference in the type of songs he likes to perform, he laughed and exclaimed, “dance!”. He further elaborates, “With dancing, it brings about bigger movements from the audience and it is more dynamic. I know my fans love it when I sing a ballad, but I know when I dance it’ll be more fun and everyone will enjoy it more.”

Recently, Lee Joon Gi made headlines for making his Hollywood debut in the final installment of the“Resident Evil” series titled, Resident Evil: The Last Chapter. He shyly shook his head and said, “I’m very embarrassed to call it a debut because I think it was more of a cameo. But the entire experience was enjoyable and it was a blessing.”. He further added that he still keep in touch with the director of the movie, Paul Anderson. He even joked, “I still drop him hints to consider me for his future movies. So hopefully you guys will see me on the big screen again!”.


Lee Joon Gi is also well known for being in action movies. Sometimes, he is also caught in dangerous situations while in the midst of filming. He shared, “Minor injuries that come with action scenes is parts and parcel that comes with actions scenes. But I put ample protection when preparing for those scenes.”

As part of his love to lead a healthy lifestyle, Lee Joon Gi shared that he enjoys playing soccer. He shared that even though it is harder to find time to play in midst of his schedule, he still enjoy playing and watching soccer. He also added that he love to golf. He shared, “I just started playing golf 4 months ago. I’m still learning to get the posture right and I admire professional golfers. At first, I felt like I prefer more active sports as compared to golf, but I’m beginning to really enjoy it.”


He ended off the press conference trying his hand at a miniature golf course in the venue itself. He failed a few times and had a short private coaching by the professional golfers who were present in the audience.

Lee Joon Gi was full of smiles and laughs throughout the press conference and even cheekily posed for the cameras during his interview. His energetic and dynamic appearance despite his busy schedule definitely makes us anticipate his performances during the fan meet the next day!

Special thanks to UnUsUaL Entertainment for the invitation to cover the press conference of Lee Joon Gi “Thank You” Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore.

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