ASTRO first meeting with Hong Kong fans


Hong Kong, 2017 – ASTRO made their first visit to Hong Kong on 3rd of March and they put up an amazing and memorable performance for fans who attended their first live show in Hong Kong. Before the start of the show, music videos of ASTRO were being played repeatedly on the big screens at the concert hall, causing all fans to be excited to meet the boys and anticipating the commencement of the concert.

ASTRO started off the concert with ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Puss in Boots’ and proceeded to greet the audience with Cantonese. Arohas then expressed their love for ASTRO by shouting ‘I love you’ (in Korean) to the members. The MC also then proceeded to teach the members how to say ‘I love you’ in Cantonese.


During the live show, there are numerous chances for fans to get up close to the members. In one of the game section, ASTRO members picked 6 fans from the crowd to play a game called ‘Guess the song name’. The fan who guessed the most number of songs correctly will be given a chance to take a polaroid photo with ASTRO.

In addition to their own hit songs, ASTRO also sang Jay chou’s 告白氣球 and TVXQ’s hug; surprise stages which they specially prepared for fans who came to see them.

Of course, Hong Kong Aroha also prepared something special for ASTRO. They prepared a birthday cake and sang a birthday song in Korean for the 4 members whose birthdays are in March. Also, when ASTRO performed ‘Fireworks’, the fans lighted up the whole concert hall beautifully with the light sticks they prepared. During the last song, ‘You & Me’, Aroha also raised banners that read ‘Let’s stay together forever’, showing their love and support for ASTRO.


在開場歌hide and seek和puss in boots之後迎來了Astro的mnet。六子逐一用廣東話打招呼後,全場Aroha向Astro用韓語大聲說出我愛你,主持人再教Astro用廣東話說我愛你,令現場氣氛高脹!




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