Hong Kong fans had a glimpse of Ji Chang Wook’s diary

Ji Chang Wook-1Photo credits: IME Asia

Hong Kong, 2017 – On 9th April 2017, Ji Chang Wook successfully concluded his fan meet in Hong Kong and this meeting comprised of special performances by the actor, hi-5 session for everyone in the hall and also a photo session. 

The concept for this fan meet is ‘Diary’, which is to share what Ji Chang Wook’s daily schedule is like for different days of the week. This concept is indeed refreshing. Before ‘Monday’ began, the MC asked every to shout aloud Ji Chang Wook’s name to welcome him. Within a few moments, the actor entered the hall via the normal entrance with a big bouquet of roses in his arms. He then walked into the venue while singing ‘I’ll protect you’ and gave out roses to the cheering fans.

Ji Chang Wook-2Photo credits: IME Asia

Ji Chang Wook then proceeded to share about his ‘Mondays’ and ‘Tuesdays’. Following which, a bed was then carried onto the stage. Ji Chang Wook then demonstrated how he lies on his bed to read comics and play with his dog. He also shared that during the holidays, he would ride his motorcycle to explore around.

Ji Chang Wook-3Photo credits: IME Asia

After the VCR depicting ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Thursday’, Ji Chang Wook began to make rice dumplings for lucky fans who were chosen for this segment. He added a lot of wasabi in one of the dumplings and explained that when he is feeling down, he would make a special meal like this and eat it. He then took a huge bite of the ‘wasabi rice dumpling’ in his hand. He also laughed heartily while sharing that compared to cooking or making food, he prefers to eat.

Ji Chang Wook-6Photo credits: IME Asia

During the screening of ‘Friday’ and ‘Saturday’ VCR, it showed the Ji Chang Wook rode his motorcycle out to personally pick out gifts for Hong Kong fans. He eventually decided on buying a cap because the receiver can wear it regardless of their age. In addition to gifts, he also played mini games with fans.

Ji Chang Wook-7Photo credits: IME Asia

During the fan meet, he sang several songs, including ‘To butterfly’, ‘Kissing you’ and a Chinese song ‘陪你’. He also prepared a written letter for the fans, to thank them for their support and that he will be returning to Korea to film another project before he enlists. Ji Chang Wook then took a group shot with the audience to end off the fan meet.

Article content contributed by: Chan Po Ching


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