Part-Time Spy Han Chae-Ah promises that she is not foul-mouthed in real life!

Kang Ye-won & Han Chae-a, Part-time Spy, Copyright Encore Films

After the release of Part-Time Spy in Singapore, we managed to schedule a short interview with the two main casts of Part-Time Spy, Ms. Kang Ye-Won, and Ms. Han Chae-Ah. The the two top actresses hilariously share their favorite scenes from the movie as well as similarities (and differences) in their roles.

Q: While filming the movie, is there any fun or memorable stories or incidents that you remember? Can you share it with our audience?

Kang Ye-Won: I cannot pick only one scene for the best memory, but I rather would say that I spent a lot of time thinking about how to set up my character Jang Young-sil. I tried to wear glasses, put on shabby clothes, and I even bought the glasses from Brooklyn. When I showed this outfit for Jang Young-sil’s character, the director was very happy and said this is Jang! Curly hair, darker skin, and shabby clothes, this was how Jang Young-sil was born.

Han Chae-Ah: When Young-sil ‘communicates’ with the dogs—that was the most memorable scene. I learned a lot from her as an actress. I could tell how much Ye-won prepared and practiced for this scene, and she completely let loose, which is very hard for an actress.

Q: Jang Young-sil looks like a very head strong woman that refuses to give up. Is Kang Ye-won’s character similar to that in the movie? If you were in Jang Young-sil’s shoes, would you give up and find a new job or would you persevere to keep your current job?

Kang Ye Won: I am very stubborn and never let anything go before I solve it completely. So yes, I will also refuse to give up like Jang too. Also in a way, acting is considered a non-regular job, and they always have to worry about the future so I could relate to Young-sil in the movie. The lack of self-confidence, pitiful and featureless Young-sil who still positively keeps on trying when in despair is very similar to me.

Kang Ye-won, Part-time Spy, Copyright Encore Films

Q: Na Jung-an is a rather funny character that has a foul mouth. Is Han Chae-a’s personality similar to that in real life? How similar or different is your actual character as compared to the character of Na Jung-an?

Han Chae-Ah: The personality of Na Jung-an and I are very similar except for a foul mouth. I was cast in more elegant roles previously, and when I read the script, Jung-an’s character felt very fresh for me, and I thought that I had finally found a character whose personality is similar to mine. Before the shoot started, I actually asked the director if he could reduce the cursing in the script, which I am not used to. However, after the shoot began, I realized that these lines are necessary for the character, so I practiced hard on my cursing. But I really do not have a foul mouth!

Han Chae-a_2, Part-time Spy, Copyright Encore Films

Q: How did you prepare for the action scenes? Does it require much training?

Kang Ye-Won: I did not have as many action scenes as Miss Han Chae-a, so I didn’t have much special preparation. I did exercise from time to time, and, before the shoot, I met the martial arts choreography director and trained a little bit. I got a motorcycle license for the riding scene in the movie . I would like to try more serious action movies for the audiences if I get the chance.

Han Chae-Ah: I went to action school for training for over a month. I put a lot of work into the scene where I twisted around to the back of the criminal’s neck to suppress him, and I am satisfied with it.

Q: Are there any thoughts or plans to head over to Singapore to greet your fans here?

Kang Ye-Won: If there is a chance I definitely would like to visit Singapore, so call me! Well, to be honest, I am not a famous Korean Wave star yet, so I have yet to have plans for visiting Singapore for fan greetings. If I have the chance, I would love to be part of a Singapore television drama series and meet the audiences in Singapore.

Han Chae-Ah: If I get the chance, I would love to visit Singapore. I hope the audiences enjoy the film in Singapore, and if there is a chance to invite me to come here!

Kang Ye-won & Han Chae-a_3, Part-time Spy, Copyright Encore Films

Q: Can you share with the audience one reason why everyone should catch Part-Time Spy?

Kang Ye-Won: I think this film contains a great influence. The theme portrayed may be a serious issue throughout the world, but it also provides laughter and entertains.

Han Chae-Ah: A perfect movie for everyone to enjoy without thinking too much! If you want to know what the term popular in Korea ‘GIRL CRUSH’ means, I definitely recommend this movie!

For those who have not yet watched Part-Time Spy, do head down to the cinemas to catch it! Click here for the movie trailer. And, if you need more convincing to catch the movie, do check out our review!

We would like to thank Encore Films Pte Ltd for this interview opportunity as well as for providing the stills pictures for this article.


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