Park Shin Hye meets Hong Kong fans and media at apm

Park Shin Hye-11

Hong Kong, 2017 – On 9 June 2017, Park Shin Hye met up with Hong Kong fans and local media at apm for a public press conference, ahead of her fan meet ‘Flower of angel’. Park Shin Hye has starred in numerous drama such as ‘The Heirs’, ‘Doctor’ and ‘Pinocchio’. 

Her appearance at the mall attracted more than 500 fans. When asked about the theme of her fan meet, ‘Flower of angel’, Park Shin Hye explained that the reason behind this theme is that she has a great affinity with flowers. Fans often gift her flowers and also compliment her saying that she is ‘as beautiful as a flower’. In addition, one of the ingredients of the beauty product that she is currently endorsing is also flower. She further added that Hong Kong is the first stop of her fan meet tour and she hopes to make more memories with all of her fans. She also hinted that there will be a lot of interactions during the fan meet, sharing of drama’s behind-the-scene stories and also a segment where she will re-enact scenes of ‘Doctor’.

Park Shin Hye-15

When asked about which Hong Kong artiste she would like to work with, she mentioned that she really likes romantic Hong Kong movies such as ‘Comrades: Almost a Love Story’ where the lead actress, Maggie Cheung, is really beautiful and charismatic. She also added that if there is a chance, she would love to have a chance to work with Maggie Cheung.

Park Shin Hye also shared that if she had not been an actress, she would most likely be in a job working with little children. The actress then ended the press conference by sharing that she would love to take on more and different roles in the future and for everyone to support her latest movie ‘Silence’.

More photos of Park Shin Hye at this press conference:

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Article content: Chan Po Ching
Photos by: Au Wa Hin

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