Park Shin Hye shares her favourite Mamonde product!

Park Shin Hye-21

Singapore, 2017 – Top actress and K-beauty represent, Park Shin Hye made an appearance in Singapore at the “Mamonde Garden in the City” atrium event held at TANGS Vivocity on 21st July. Mamonde is the premier brand for floral-based skincare and cosmetics which is growing in interest and popularity here in Singapore.

Before the event, the actress held a small press conference with the media, sharing her favorite beauty products as well as disclosing her secret to her great skin!

Park Shin Hye shared her skincare must-haves, which includes the best seller Mamonde Rose Water Toner, Pure White Ultra Active Essence and Calendula Essence Sun Milk. On her secret to clear skin, she shared, “My best beauty advice would be to hydrate and moisturize,”. She also added, “Cleansing and softening (toning) helps rid pores of grime and dirt, preparing it for better absorption of other skincare. Having a good remover like the Mamonde Lotus Micro Eye & Lip Remover, which is gentle yet thorough, also helps in making sure you do not tug and pull at delicate areas around the eye.”

When asked what is her secret to her skin’s radiant glow despite a busy schedule, she revealed that she put on a mask daily!

Out of all the amazing Mamonde products, her favorite would have to be the Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint or the Creamy Tint Balm as she feels that having a great lip color brings out the entire face.

Park Shin Hye-3

Later on that day, Park Shin Hye appeared in front of her fans at TANGS VivoCity as part of “Mamonde Garden in the City”. As expected, a huge crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of one of the top female actress in South Korea. The lead actress on famous dramas like ‘Doctors’, ‘The Heirs’ and ‘Pinocchio’ shared her personal beauty and makeup tips.

As soon as Park Shin Hye went on stage, she was greeted by a sea of cheers and screams. She expresses her delight to meet her fans and gushed that the fans have already showered her with so many gifts! One of them includes her favorite dish – a packet of chili crab sauce!

After a mini interview session, a few of Singapore’s top beauty and lifestyle influencers, as well as the top four spenders at Mamonde TANGS VivoCity, were invited up on stage for a photo-taking session with Park Shin Hye herself. She even surprised the four lucky fans by gifting them a special bouquet!

Park Shin Hye then ended the event disclosing details of her upcoming film, ‘Heart Blackened’, much to the delight of her eager fans! She disclosed her excitement for her fans to catch her in cinemas and promised a refreshing performance in her role as an attorney.


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