Who has the best survival skills among the cast of The Battleship Island?


Singapore, 2017 – To promote the recent movie of The Battleship Island in Singapore, director Ryoo Seung-Wan and the cast Hwang Jung-Min, So Ji-Sub and Song Joong-ki came to Singapore for an exclusive press conference as well as a fan meet with the fans. Singapore is the first stop in the overseas promotion for the movie.

During the press conference, the director and the casts share lots of laughs and many interesting stories together with the media present. When asked how they feel being in Singapore, Song Joong-ki shared, “I am very happy to be back in Singapore. I heard the movie is going to be released in Singapore next week so I am very curious to see how the audience will react to it.”


The Battleship Island is a Japanese occupation-era film about an attempted prison break from a forced labor camp on Hashima Island. When asked why the director, Ryu Seung-Wan chose such a genre, he explained, “The meaning of this movie all started from when I saw a picture of the battleship island back in 2015. The picture was so powerful that I wanted to research about the background of this island and share with the audience.”


Since this is not the first time Hwang Jung-min worked with Director Ryu Seung-Wan, he shared, “I am extremely glad and thankful that he casted me for this movie and am honored to be able to tell this part of the history to the public.”

In the movie, So Ji-Sub portrayed a character who fought a lot. When asked if he got injured filming the movie, he explained that there were a lot of preparations before filming the movie. “It took about 1 month to fully prepare for the filming so there were no major injuries,” he further explained.


Actor Hwang Jung-min showed that he is a man of many talents in the movie – with his ability to play the clarinet, dance, sing and even speak Japanese during the movie. He hilariously explained, “Clarinet is an instrument I played since I was young whereas I just memorize the Japanese script without asking any questions!”

When asked who has the best survival skills, the cast unanimously voted for Song Joong-ki. So Ji-sub explained, “He is the youngest and just ended his national service not too long ago, so I am sure the skills and memories of training are still fresh in him.” Song Joong-ki laughed and also agreed. Hwang Jung-min then hilariously added, “For the rest of us, any big movement would cause us pain!”, which cracked up the whole audience.


Even though Song Joong-ki is the youngest in the cast, he shared that he felt no pressure acting alongside his senior actors. “I felt really comfortable being the youngest on set and everyone gave such good advice,” he added.

Before they end the press conference, the director as well as the cast describe one memorable scene from the movie. Song Joong Ki’s memorable scene was the scene towards the end of the movie. “Not only was the cinematography was good, you can see the sadness and depicts the suffering and hardship the people went through in the island,” he explained.


Hwang Jung Min’s favorite scene is a scene with his on-screen daughter, playing with a rubber band string. He shared, “That scene is the most touching to me because even though the island has a very harsh environment, it reminds me of a normal father and daughter playing back in the hometown so it brought back lots of memories.”

If you would like to know what scene Song Joong Ki and the rest of the cast are referring to, don’t forget to catch The Battleship Island which premieres in the cinemas 17th August, today!

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