B.A.P showcase their multiple talents at the B.A.P World Tour in Singapore


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT)

Singapore, 2017 – As part of their Party Baby World Tour, the boys of B.A.P finally came back to Singapore to meet their fans. When it was announced that Singapore will be part of the countries in their <Party Baby> world tour, it had fans all excited and geared up.

B.A.P, <Party Baby> live in Singapore was held at the Mastercard Theatres on August 28 which attracted a huge audience of all ages and gender. Yong-guk, Him-chan, Dae-hyun, Young-jae, Jong-up, and Zelo fluttered the crowd with their jaw-dropping performances and perfect vocals. Not only is the concert full of amazing stages, they also made the fans laugh with their hilarious antics.


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT)

The concert started out with an opening by a DJ which got the fans all jumping on their feets. As soon as all the fans present were pumped up, the members of B.A.P appeared on stage and opened the concert with “Hurricane”.They performed several other hits like “Warrior”, “No Mercy”, “Dancing in the Rain” and much more. Not only do they prove how amazing there are performing difficult songs live, they also showed their talents as individuals and performed several solo stages.

The boys of B.A.P also crack the audience up at their attempt to converse with the fans in Singlish but hilariously failed. During the introductions, the members started blurting out all the Singlish words that they know like “Alamak!”, “So shiok!”, and much more. They were also very hilarious and childish on stage. When a fan mentioned she likes another member better, Dae-Hyun got sulky and shouted “Go have fun without me!”, bringing lots of laughs to the audience.


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT)

The members showed many cool and versatile changes. Jongup showed his talent as a dancer in his group while Zelo portrayed his young and sensitive side as he performed an English song titled “Shine”. The main vocals, Dae-Hyun and Young-jae also awed the audience with their breathtaking voices.

The concert is of course not all laughs and delight, as the members showed off their sensitive side. Towards the end of the concert, the members apologized for not coming sooner. Since Singapore is the last stop in their <Party Baby> World Tour, Jongup exclaimed, “The end of this concert marks the end of our tour. Thank you for playing with us.”


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT)

The members also recalled their first time in Singapore and jogged back fond memories. Dae-hyun shared, “Singapore was the first foreign country that we went. So every time I come here, I remember that memory.” The members also relayed how thankful they were to their Singapore fans for supporting them all these years. Him-chan then teased the audience by exclaiming that they will be releasing a new album in Korea soon and ask them to anticipate it.

They then rounded up the concert with “Baby” especially just for their fans, Babyz. The audience sang along with the boys, before ending their 2 hours long energetic and definitely full-of-life concert. I am sure the fans left the concert wanting more and are waiting for their comeback. Let’s hope the members keep their promise to appear on our TV really soon!


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