SHINee’s Minho Brought Home a Special Award at Indonesian Television Awards 2017

ITAwards Minho 33Jakarta, 2017 – SHINee’s Minho surprised fans with his appearance at Indonesian Television Awards 2017, an annual celebration held by MNC, one of the biggest broadcasting and media companies in the country. Actor Jin Goo attended this event last year and this year, they invited Minho as a special guest star on September 20, 2017, gaining interest from his fans and to flock the building to catch a glimpse of the said idol.

ITAwards Minho 8Despite the rain, Minho walked on the black carpet in a dazzling black suit and greeted the MC of the event. He expressed his excitement to meet Indonesian fans, although it was not his first time visiting the country. Not only at the black carpet, he also interacted with fans during rehearsal and spread his brilliant smiles to those who screamed his name and waited patiently for him at the venue.

IMG_0469 copy

Not only from fans, the local actors and actresses attending the event were also bedazzled by his charm when he entered the venue and joined them. They asked him to take a few selfies together, and female artists also gushed over how handsome he was up close. No doubt, the rapper of SHINee stole the entire spotlight of that night’s event.

Indonesian Television Awards is held annually as a form of appreciation to the programs and entertainers that fill the entertainment industry with quality contents. Various awards are presented, such as ‘The Most Popular Morning Program’, ‘The Most Popular Drama Program’, ‘The Most Popular Non-drama Program’, and ‘The Most Popular Program Host’. Through this grand event, they hope to boost the productivity and quality in television broadcasting industries and keep inspiring younger generations in the country to reach their goals and achievements.

ITAwards Minho 17

Minho got up on the stage to announce ‘The Most Popular Prime Time Drama Program’ and personally handed the trophy to the winner. He also received a special award for his vigorous efforts and active presence in the entertainment industry for 9 years, especially in various Korean dramas such as ‘To the Beautiful You’, ‘Hwarang’, and ‘Somehow 18’. “Thank you for the enormous welcome (for me). I feel grateful for receiving this precious award, thank you,” said Minho when he delivered his acceptance speech.

We would like to thank MNC Corporation and Indonesian Television Awards for the invitation to cover this event.

Article: Tsurayya
Photo by: AF & AA

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