Hyukoh is Ready to Meet Their Fans in Jakarta!

dj079bivyaayfoaJakarta, 2017 – South Korea’s music charm is still on fire! After the K-Pop wave phenomenon, this time it is Korean indie band’s turn! JUNI Concert, a music promoter that was established in 2015 and also a division of June Voice Creation, is bringing Hyukoh to Jakarta at the end of 2017! Taking place at The Establishment, SCBD, Jakarta, the band’s concert will be held on Monday, 27 November 2017.

“Korean music fans are now showing remarkable developments, including their music choices. Hyukoh is one of the pioneer and big name of the realm. We hope, Hyukoh‘s arrival can satisfy the passion of Korean music lovers and open the door wider for the arrival of Korean musicians to Indonesia,” said Adryanto Pratono, Director of JUNI Concert.

Hyukoh, who is in the HIGHGRND label (read: High Ground), has obtained various achievements in the music world. In addition to being able to rule on Korean charts, Hyukoh has also managed to spread wings to other territories in the world.

This can be proven from their fanbases which are spread all over the world, and seen from various sold out concerts in several cities such as Tokyo, New York, Kuala Lumpur, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and others.

In addition, Hyukoh’s music listeners not only come from fans of Korean music alone. For example, singer Raisa and Kunto Aji.

“I see them in the same spirit to give their best music from the bottom of their heart for their listener. I’m so thrilled to see their live performance,” Raisa said.

Another testimonial on Hyukoh came from Kunto Aji, who really likes to listen to Hyukoh‘s music. In fact, he became a fan who voluntarily promotes Hyukoh to his friends.

Hyukoh comes with a mature indie rock/pop alternative. They opened my eyes as a non K-pop fan on the Korean wave industry that is indeed successful worldwide,” said Kunto Aji passionately.

Ticket sales for Hyukoh concert in Jakarta are priced at 2 prices. Presale at IDR 850,000 and Normal Price at IDR 1,100,000. The presale tickets had been sold out on the first day of its’ release but worry not as the normal price tickets are still available at KiosTix!

Are you ready to have some fun with Hyukoh?

Hyukoh Live in Jakarta 2017‘s Playlist is also available on Spotify

Stay tuned for more updates!

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