Hyukoh Talks about Their Music, Fame, and Future

“The difference is money. But now that we have money, has our music changed?”

Jakarta, 2017 – South Korea’s indie rock band Hyukoh shared their thoughts about their music and fame at their private media interview session in Jakarta, Indonesia, as the series of Hyukoh’s World Tour 2017. The nominee of 2017 MNet Asia Music Award for category ‘Best Band Performance’ greeted media last Sunday upon their performance on Monday, November 27, 2017, at The Establishment SCBD Jakarta. Continue reading

Hyukoh is Ready to Meet Their Fans in Jakarta!

dj079bivyaayfoaJakarta, 2017 – South Korea’s music charm is still on fire! After the K-Pop wave phenomenon, this time it is Korean indie band’s turn! JUNI Concert, a music promoter that was established in 2015 and also a division of June Voice Creation, is bringing Hyukoh to Jakarta at the end of 2017! Taking place at The Establishment, SCBD, Jakarta, the band’s concert will be held on Monday, 27 November 2017.

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