Park Seo Jun encourages young adults to follow their dreams in his ‘Guess Who?’ Fan Meeting live in Singapore


Singapore, 2017 – On 4th November 2017, the rising actor Park Seo Jun came to Singapore as part of his “Guess Who?” fan meeting. The actor, who is famous for hit dramas like She Was Pretty, Dream High and most recently Fight for my Way is gaining increasing popularity with his good looks and amazing acting. 

The concept of his fan meeting is to discover himself over the years of his acting life. While preparing for the fan meeting, Park Seo Jun had to look through a whole lot of photo albums and that made him think about his journey as an actor and as an individual as well.


When asked how he felt after winning the Best New Actor award for his role in Midnight Runners recently, he humbly shared that, “All actors are doing their best in all their films and it is a great honor to win. So thank you to all the fans for your support!”

Some fans might already know, but acting is actually not Park Seo Jun’s first dream. When he was younger, he initially wanted to be a, you guessed it, baseball player! However, he shared, “My brother was born with exceptional strength. So my father pushed him to be a baseball player instead.

His most recent drama, Fight for my Way gained so much popularity in South Korea and internationally as well. It is a drama that made fans fall even more in love with the loveable Park Seo Jun. “This is an important project for me. It’s the drama that made it possible for me to be here with you guys today,” he shared.


He also states that he learned a lot from his character in the drama. He thinks that they are similar because he too feels that when hardship comes, he believes that there is always a way to go through it.

Park Seo Jun also shared his hobby of exercising. However, he stressed that exercising as a hobby is very different from exercising for a show. “It is very difficult!” he exclaimed. When asked if he still has abs, he laughed and then put a serious face, “It is melting!” he exclaimed in English as his fans roared in laughter.

During the fan meeting, certain scenes from Fight for my Way was shown. One scene, in particular, was very uplifting for the actor himself as well as his fans. It is a scene when his character decided to pursue his dreams. Park Seo Jun shared that he still has goosebumps whenever he sees or thinks about that scene. “I believe everyone at that age would have similar problems. It is really thankful that I’m pursuing acting as a career as that is what I want to do.” He further added, “I hope you guys can think about your life through that scene. If I can pass that message across then I would think that I am a successful actor.”


The actor not only share advice with his fans, he also played games with some lucky fans. The shy actor constantly blushed throughout the fan meeting as his fans profess their love for him and some even hilariously asked for a hug and a kiss.

Park Seo Jun shared how down he has been feeling the past few days because of the unfortunate passing of his senior actor, Kim Joo Hyuk. However, after spending time with his Singapore fans he felt recharged and blessed.

Before ending his 2 hours long concert, Park Seo Jun, sang 2 songs, especially for the fans. With a change of clothes, he came back on stage and beautifully sang for the audience. The fan meeting is then followed up by a hi-touch event for all the fans present as well as a private meet and greet with a few lucky fans.


The whole fan meeting was filled with so much love from the fans as well as from the actor himself. I hope that Park Seo Jun continues to amaze us with more amazing dramas and movies in the future so that we could continue seeing him shine. Let’s wait for his next drama and movie project together!


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