Bigbang Seungri celebrates his birthday with fans in Macau

Macau, 2017 – Bigbang‘s Seungri recently celebrated his birthday with fans at Macau’s Studio City on 15 December. At this 2-hour fan meet, Seungri used Mandarin to converse with the fans, displaying his fluency in the language. 


Seungri began his fan meet by singing Jay Chou’s 告白氣球. All fans were amazed as he sang the song with perfect pronunciation.

There were many cute interactions between fans and Seungri and it definitely made the fan meet even more memorable for both parties. When prompted by fans to correct his pronunciation for a certain phrase, Seungi stood up, bowed and said, ‘Yes teacher!’.

He also made a promise to slim down within 3 months. To which, fans jokingly replied, ‘We will wait for 3 years’. The playful banter between Seungri and fans definitely displayed how close and comfortable they are with each other.

And of course, Seungri prepared many solo songs and also many wonderful performances for the fans.  The birthday party ended with him taking a solo selfie with fans who attended the show and a send-off event.


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