MXM shares what they would be if they are not idols at their Match Up Press Conference in Singapore


Singapore, 2018 – On 3rd May, the two lovely boys of MXM, Youngmin, and Donghyun greet their Singapore fans for the first time at their Match Up Open Press Conference in Singapore! MXM, who was in Singapore for their first ever fan meet, discussed their hobbies, dish out each others’ bad habits and their wish for the future.

Even though the press conference was held on a weekday evening, that definitely did not stop their huge fanbase from appearing to support the boys. The fans were very energetic and passionate as they welcomed the boys to Singapore.


As soon as they came on stage, Youngmin and Donghyun were greeted with lots of cheers from the fans. “I am so honored to be here in Singapore to see our fans and we will do our best today and tomorrow as well!” Youngmin exclaimed. Donghyun also shared that Singapore is one of the countries that they have always wanted to go since their debut.

Having been in Singapore for 2 days, MXM shared what they have been up to. “Yesterday we have been going around Singapore. We went to Merlion and Marina Bay and it was very fun!”, Donghyun shared.


When asked if there are anything else they wanted to do, of course, both of them exclaimed that they are really looking forward to trying the chili crab. They were also disappointed that they did not get a chance to watch the laser show at Marina Bay and hope they have an opportunity soon.

Having to live together in a dorm, it is expected for some interesting and funny events to happen. Donghyun states that Youngmin always wakes up in different and rather peculiar poses every day. Youngmin also shared an interesting story in the dorm where Donghyun woke up at 6 AM one day and ordered fried chicken! He must have been dreaming about the fried chicken in his sleep!

It is a well-known fact that both Youngmin and Donghyun also compose their own songs. “If one of our songs became a title song we will be very happy! One day we are sure that our title sing will be a song composed by one of us!”, Donghyun exclaimed.


It must be busy being idols and MXM must not have much free time. However, whenever they have free time both of them de-stress differently. For Youngmin, he picked up a new hobby which is photography. He even participated in Season 2 of Photo People where he had the chance to be a fashion photographer. Donghyun, however, likes to take a walk along Han river while listening to music. I am sure fans in Korea will start to hang around along Han river now!

When asked what will they be if they are not artists, Donghyun shared, “I will probably be an undergraduate, university student, that studies music.” Youngmin, however, shared that he has interest in designing furniture. “I will probably study design and make my own furniture,” he added. Designing furniture? Who would have thought!


MXM show that they are very adventurous people as they picked an abandoned island to travel to when asked where do they want to go if they can travel anywhere they want. “We would love to be a part of a program that puts us on a farm or an abandoned island without a single person and we have to use our survival skills. That’ll be fun!” Youngmin added.

MXM then wrapped up their press conference urging fans to have fun at their fan meet the next day. “We put so much effort and preparation in making this show happen so come and let your hair down and prepare to have fun tomorrow!” Youngmin exclaimed. This definitely hyped the fans up and I am sure that each fan went home excited for the next day to come!

For more photos of MXM at the Press Conference, click here!

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