MXM amazes fans with their impressive stages at the Match Up Fan Meeting in Singapore


A day after the press conference, the boys of MXM greeted their fans for the first time at their Match Up Press Conference in Singapore. They amazed the audience with their endless energy and amazing vocals while interacting with their passionate fans.

The fan meet which was held at Zepp@BigBox was filled with fans that came to watch their favorite idols, Youngmin and Donghyun perform live for the very first time in Singapore. Before the fan meet started, the venue was already buzzing with excitement. As soon as the lights were dimmed, all the fans began to cheer as the introduction video played.

The fan meet started with MXM performing 2 popular songs before they came on stage to greet their fans. When asked what they want to do in Singapore, they shared how excited they are to try our famous chili crab.


They then played a game to test how well they know each other. The game was to stand with their backs against each other and shout at the same time the answer to the question. They had a rocky start in the beginning as they shouted different answers but slowly picked it up and proved their teamwork.

MXM also had an interactive session with the fans as some lucky fans were called up on stage to play games with the boys. The winners got memorable gifts from MXM like an autographed drawing and also special polaroids.


To celebrate their first fan meet in Singapore, MXM’s fanbase in Singapore, made a special video just for them. A cake was even brought out to celebrate the occasion! MXM’s Youngmin and Donghyun was so touched by the gesture as they relayed their heartfelt thanks. “We came all the way here to touch your hearts but you touched ours instead!” Donghyun exclaimed. Youngmin also added, “You guys did more than what we came here for.”

They continued to amaze the audience with energetic performances and impress with amazing vocals and rap. The fans looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they sing along and cheer tirelessly for MXM.


As the fan meet came to an end, Donghyun once again mentions how thankful he is to the fans. “Today was such a happy and meaningful day for us and thank you so much for being with us,” he shared. Youngmin also said, “I have always told everyone how much I want to come to Singapore and thank you for all these happy memories and we will continue to put our best foot forward!”.

After the encore performances, as they bid goodbye to the fans, Youngmin and Donghyun lingered on stage as they refused to leave the stage. They cant stop waving and smiling to their fans and eventually had to be ushered out. I am sure the fans must have felt the same way about leaving the fan meet venue!

For more pictures from MXM’s fan meet, click here!

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