Oh My Girl shared what they wish to achieve in 2018 at their very first Press Conference in Singapore


Singapore, 2018 – The lovely girls of Oh My Girl was in Singapore for their very first fan meet. Before they greet their fans in Singapore at the fan meet, Oh My Girl met with the media to answer a few questions. They discuss their songs’ first impressions, hidden talents and what they wish to achieve in 2018.

Oh My Girl came back recently with the new title track, “Banana Allergy Monkey”. When asked what are their first impression when they first heard the song, Hyojung shared that they thought it was very fresh and original and they were very eager to try it out.

Binnie also added, “We have been showing a lot of different sides to us and have tried a lot of different concepts. There are a lot of different concepts that we can and want to try in the future!”.


Oh My Girl is also well known to be a group of many talents. Mimi exclaimed that they have a lot of different hidden talents that fans do not know of. She further explained, “We are very good at impersonation and expressing a word through our expressions and actions!”. She then excitedly proceed to express the word, Singapore which caused the audience to burst into laughter.

If they could pick any variety show to star in, they would want to be in a reality show that is hundred percent real and not scripted. They share that they want to show the audience the natural personalities of Oh My Girl.


It is very common for idols to venture out of music during their career. Oh My Girl is obviously no different. Binnie shared that she would love to try acting. “I think acting is slightly similar to singing so I would like to try acting when given the opportunity,” she added.

Mimi, on the other hand, would love to go into art and producing. Hyojung interestingly would love to try to learn a new musical instrument like piano or guitar.


When asked who Hyojung would pick to be her bigger sister, she straight away answered “Seunghee!”. “Seunghee is very caring towards the other members,” she explained. She also added that she would pick to have the other members as her younger sisters.

The members of Oh My Girl also unanimously picked Arin as the cutest member of Oh My Girl. This caused Arin to blush and embarrassingly say her thanks. “I am very shy. Thank you!” she said in English.


In 2018, Oh My Girl shared that they would love to have a world tour so that they could visit all of their fans from overseas!

To wrap up the press conference, they expressed their gratitude towards their miracles in Singapore for the very warm welcome. “Despite being apart and the differences in languages, thank you so much for the support always!” they exclaimed. Oh My Girl will be meeting their fans for the very first time later that day at Suntec Convention Centre.

For more pictures of Oh My Girl at the Press Conference, click here!

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